New Holland PA Solar Installer From Workmanship to Friendship

Belmont Solar is a leading New Holland PA solar installer. With more than 20 years of solar installation experience, we’ve helped countless homeowners and businesses go solar in rural Pennsylvania. Belmont Solar values performance, education, and neatness (PEN for short). We’re here to provide solar panels that perform for you, educate you on the benefits and functions of your solar system, and install a neat and organized solar panel system.

Solar can benefit almost anyone and with the right perspective, the investment in solar can save thousands of dollars over the life of your solar system. Ben Zook, founder, and owner of Belmont Solar recognized the exciting possibilities of solar energy at a young age. Raised in the Amish community in Lancaster County, PA Ben fostered his interest in solar and his passion for helping others. Ultimately turning that passion into a successful and thriving solar installation company

How Much Do Solar Panels Cost In New Holland PA?

How much do solar panels cost in New Holland PA? The price of a grid tied solar system is determined by how much power you use each month and the size of your roof. Belmont Solar has a free solar cost calculator that you can use to get a very accurate idea of what a solar system installation would cost you based on your energy bills each month. 

You can use the solar cost calculator to see what grid tied solar panels would cost, how much revenue a grid tied system would generate for you throughout the year, and an estimated payback time in years. You can also see how much it would cost to add solar battery backup to a grid tied solar installation. These prices are not final quotes but a very good estimate of what your costs and benefits would be! 

New Holland PA Solar Installer: Grid Tied Solar Systems

Grid tied solar systems in New Holland PA are a great consideration for anyone tired of paying monthly electricity bills that never end. By installing a grid tied system, you can greatly reduce or completely eliminate monthly energy bills. You can literally power your life with renewable solar energy throughout the year. 

Your solar panels will generate the power you need and any extra solar energy not used will be sent back out to the grid for your neighbors. Net metering will monitor all the extra power sent to the grid throughout the year and will offset any power you pull from the grid throughout the year. This feature of grid tied solar systems greatly reduces or completely eliminates yearly energy bills.

New Holland PA Solar Installer: Grid Tied With Battery Backup Solar

Choosing to go with a grid tied solar system with battery backup in New Holland PA has its own advantages and disadvantages. Solar battery backup adds complexity to a solar installation as well as additional costs associated with the batteries themselves. 

New Holland PA Solar Battery Backup Advantages

The clear and valuable advantage to choosing solar with battery backup is the security the battery bank provides. In the event of a power outage, you will have stored up solar energy at your immediate disposal to power all the critical loads for your home.

Your critical loads include your lights, phone chargers, internet router, refrigerator and freezer, well pump, television, radio, and a newer high-efficiency mini-split heat pump depending on the size of your battery bank. The important thing to remember is solar batteries are not meant to power your entire 21st-century lifestyle during a crisis but rather the essential things you need to survive.

New Holland PA Solar Battery Backup Disadvantages

The most notable disadvantage of adding battery backup to your grid tied solar system is the cost increase. Battery backup will effectively double the cost of your solar installation. This makes it a serious decision whether or not you choose to add battery backup to your solar system. Belmont Solar specializes in designing custom solar panel systems to meet your individual needs. Contacting us and asking questions is the best way to determine what type of solar system will be best for you. 

New Holland PA Solar Installer: Off Grid Solar Installations

Going “off grid” is an appealing idea in our time of rapidly changing and advancing technology. Many people want to be less “connected” these days and an off grid solar system can get you one step closer. Choosing off grid solar is a big decision and it’s not for everyone. You have to be ready to be very intentional about your energy usage and understand that it is more of a lifestyle than simply adding grid tied solar panels to your roof or barn. We have a page dedicated to off grid solar that you can check out if you think this is the lifestyle you’re ready to live! 

New Holland PA Solar Installer Learning Center

Making the decision to go solar whether that be a grid tied system or solar with battery backup or off grid solar is a big step. One of Belmont Solar’s key values is education. We’ve created a solar learning center where you can learn more about the possibilities of going solar and hear the stories of happy customers after they transitioned to solar. Check out our learning center or contact us today to get more of your solar questions answered.

Going Solar In New Holland PA

If you live in New Holland PA or the surrounding area and you’re interested in going solar then reach out to Belmont Solar today. It’s important to choose a trusted solar installer and we’re here to help you make the right decision. 

Belmont Solar offers an easy 3 step solar process that we walk through with you to make the transition to solar power enjoyable and understandable. We’re ready to answer your questions, help you choose the right solar system for your home, and help you begin saving with solar! Contact us today or use the solar calculator to request your solar quote.