Solar Installer In Harford County From Workmanship to Friendship

Are you tired of rising energy costs? Would you like to reduce your home’s carbon output? Look no further! Our team at Belmont Solar is certified as a solar installer in Harford County! We are here to guide you through the entire process, from the initial consultation to the final installation. We offer state-of-the-art solar solutions that will help you can harness the sun’s power to generate clean, renewable energy while reducing energy bills. Discover solar panels’ incredible benefits and control your energy costs. Start your journey towards a more sustainable future with Belmont Solar today!

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At Belmont Solar, we rely on nearly two decades’ worth of technical knowledge and Amish workmanship as a solar installer in Harford County, Pennsylvania. Every homeowner’s situation is different based on how much electricity they use every month, how energy efficient their home is (or is not), and the size and position of their roof. We design every solar panel installation so that our customers get the most out of their investment.

Our team is committed to providing a worry-free process for all our customers. We understand that every municipality has different rules and regulations regarding solar panel installation and will comply with these policies. We work with your local government to secure any and all permits necessary so that you never have to worry about the complicated aspects of going solar. It’s all done for you! 

In crafting a solar panel setup tailored to our client’s preferences and requirements, we consider every aspect of their needs. Whether you’re interested in a grid-connected solar system, an off-grid configuration, or solar panels equipped with a battery backup, we want to guide you toward the most suitable choice for your situation. The potential of your home’s roof space and its orientation plays a crucial role in determining whether your solar panels can not only meet your energy needs but also provide an opportunity to earn through the sale of solar renewable energy credits, especially with a grid-tied system. The realm of solar energy opens up a multitude of possibilities, and we are eager to assist you in exploring how embracing solar power could positively impact your future.

If you want to learn more about solar panels and you live in Harford, Pennsylvania, then check out our 3-part solar guide download that you can have for free today. This guide will explain so much about solar panels and how they can benefit you!

Types Of Solar Systems We Offer For Harford County PA

At Belmont Solar, we offer a variety of solar systems to best suit your needs.

Learn more about our systems in our Learning Center.

How To Go Solar In Harford County PA

Belmont Solar has worked hard to make it easy for you to transition to solar power in Harford County PA. We take care of all the headaches so that you can go solar worry-free. 

  1. Kindly complete the contact form or the solar cost calculator form, and a Belmont Solar representative will get in touch with you to talk about your solar installation ambitions for your building in Harford County.
  2. Our team will assist in identifying the ideal solar system suited to your needs and tailor a solar solution specifically for you.
  3. Following this, you will be provided with a proposal that outlines the total costs and a possible timeline for the installation.
  4. Once you electronically approve the proposal and make the initial deposit payment, we will start arranging the installation of your solar system.
  5. Additionally, we will coordinate with local municipalities to guarantee that all required documents and permits are accurately processed.
  6. And then, the thrilling finale: we’ll install your solar panels and power them up, making sure they start generating electricity efficiently!

Why Choose Belmont Solar As Your Solar Installer In Harford County?

Customer satisfaction is at the core of Belmont Solar’s commitment to excellence. We understand that each customer has unique needs and goals regarding solar energy. Therefore, it takes a personalized approach to ensure every customer receives a tailored solution that meets their requirements. By actively listening to customers, addressing their concerns, and providing expert guidance, Belmont Solar aims to exceed expectations and deliver an exceptional customer experience.

Quality craftsmanship is another pillar of Belmont Solar’s commitment to excellence. Our company takes pride in its skilled team of professionals with extensive experience designing, installing, and maintaining solar energy systems. By adhering to industry best practices and using high-quality components, Belmont Solar ensures that each system it installs performs optimally and delivers reliable, long-lasting results. Our dedication to quality craftsmanship is driven by our desire to provide customers with solar solutions that meet their energy needs and exceed their expectations in terms of performance and durability.

Solar Panel Cost For Harford County

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Solar Calculator

Maryland Solar Incentives

You can save money with financial incentives from the Federal and Maryland governments. These incentives aim to make solar power more accessible and affordable for Maryland residents, businesses, and organizations. You can use these incentives to save on your Harford County solar panel installation.

Residential Clean Energy Rebate Program

The Residential Clean Energy Rebate Program incentivizes homeowners to solar panel installation. You can receive a rebate from the Maryland state government when you install an eligible solar system. Eligible solar panel installations include PV panel systems, solar shingles, solar hot water, and a few geothermal systems. Learn more on the Maryland government’s website.

Maryland SRECs

What is an SREC? SREC stands for Solar Renewable Energy Credit. 1 SREC is generated when your solar system generates 1,000 Kilowatt hours of power. You can sell SRECs through an SREC broker for an additional revenue source. You can learn more about SRECS on our blog.

Net Metering

Net metering only applies to grid-tied systems. Net metering is a billing arrangement that allows you to receive credits for the excess electricity your solar panels generate and feed back into the grid. When your solar system installation produces more electricity than is immediately consumed on-site, the excess energy is fed back into the electrical grid. Your utility company will give you credits for the surplus electricity generated. These credits can offset future electricity consumption from the grid, effectively reducing energy bills. You can use these credits on cloudy days or in the winter to draw electricity from the grid. Your meter will record the electricity consumption and subtracts credits based on electricity consumption from the grid. Your utility company reduces your bill according to how many net metering credits were used. If your system has consistently out-produced your energy consumption, you will receive a credit towards your next billing cycle. You can learn more about net metering on the Maryland Public Service Commission’s website.

Solar Installations From Belmont Solar

Our solar energy company in PA can expertly install solar panels on the ground or your roof.

Solar Panel FAQs

A: Solar panels typically have a 25 – 40 year lifespan. They can continue to generate electricity efficiently for several decades with proper installation and regular maintenance. Many manufacturers offer performance warranties that guarantee a certain level of energy production over a specified period.

Though solar panels primarily depend on sunlight for power, they’re still able to soak up and transform even the light that’s scattered or bounced off surfaces into electricity. This nifty feature lets them keep powering up your home even on cloudy or snowy days! Just keep in mind, they won’t be quite as peppy as they are when the sun’s shining bright.

  • Renewable energy: Sunlight’s never-ending supply makes solar energy a never-ending, renewable resource.
  • Cost-saving benefits: Create your own electricity and watch your monthly energy bills go down.
  • Green living: Solar energy production is kind to the planet, emitting no greenhouse gases at all.
  • Reliable and robust: Take good care of your solar panels, and they’ll take care of you for many years to come.
  • Value addition: Adding solar panels to your property can significantly increase its resale value.

When your solar panel system generates more electricity than you need right away, you can send the extra energy back to the power grid. This process, known as net metering or a feed-in tariff depending on where you live, credits the extra electricity to your account, helping to lower your future energy bills.

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