Grid Tied Solar System

With a grid tied photovoltaic (PV) solar system, you can enjoy reduced energy costs by powering your home with clean solar electricity. Our experienced solar installers at Belmont Solar can expertly design and install a grid tied solar system for your home and connect it to your utility so you can count on the uninterrupted supply of electricity.

Unlike our off-grid solar systems, an on grid solar system works in conjunction with your local utility provider.

Here’s how a grid tied solar system works:

  • During the daytime, electric solar panels run from the grid tied solar system to your home’s main power panel. The energy you use in your home comes from these panels.
  • Any unused energy produced from your on grid solar system goes to the power grid and is used by your neighbors.
  • At nighttime, grid tied solar systems power your appliances and lights. This means you can enjoy electricity even when your panels are not able to produce.
  • Thanks to net metering, the solar energy you put back into the grid can offset the cost of the electric you pull from the grid. This means you can significantly reduce or even eliminate your annual electrical costs from the utility company.

An inverter and net meter on a grid tied solar system array.

An infographic explaining how an on grid solar system works.

How Much Could a Grid Tied Solar System Save You?

Many people question whether a grid tied solar system will actually save them money. The answer to this is a big resounding YES! After the payoff period you can calculate your Return On Investment (ROI) by looking at your electricity usage. If, for example, you normally use 1,200 kWh of electricity at $0.13 per kWh, your savings are $156. That’s the money you would spend on electricity per month without solar. This $156 is the extra money that you are now pocketing and will continue to pocket, and even more, as electricity rates rise over the years.

To find out what the exact savings could be for you, reach out to us by filling in and submitting the form to the right.

For More Helpful Information on Solar, Visit Our Learning Center.

Five reasons to install a grid tied solar system:

There are many reasons as to how grid-connected solar electricity can benefit your life. From lowering your energy bills to adding value to your home, check out the top five reasons why a grid tied solar system will improve not only you but the environment.


Reduce your impact on environment


Enjoy generous incentives and subsidies


Save money on energy costs


Protect against future price increases


Increase the value of your property

Grid Tied Solar System Consultation: What to Expect

Founded in 2001, Belmont Solar has been installing off-grid and grid-tie solar systems for our Lancaster County, PA neighbors for 18 years. Our team of knowledgeable technicians have received advanced training in electrical systems and designing solar systems, and we are a NABCEP-certified installer.

When you schedule a free grid tied solar system consultation, you will start with a phone call with one of our solar consultants. He will ask you for a few pieces of information, including:

  • Your address
  • Your average monthly utility costs
  • Your tentative budget

With this information, we can quickly estimate the size and scope of your grid tied solar system project. Within a day, we will send you a link to an online proposal, which will layout the size and generating capacity of a system, as well as a satellite view of your home and where the panels would be installed. Based on this estimate, there will be a breakdown of the cost of your solar electricity system, potential incentives and tax breaks you qualify for, and the estimated payback of the system. We’ll even include a tentative schedule for designing and installing your grid tied solar system.

Contact Us Today for a Free Consultation

To learn how affordable solar is for your home, give us a call at (717) 768-7796 or use our online form. One of our team members will give you a call and discuss your objectives for a solar system.

A completed grid tied solar system install by Belmont Solar.

I would recommend your company to anyone considering solar power

The crew that came over to do the work did a fabulous job. They were very professional and polite. Isaac did an excellent job explaining everything that was going on and keeping me informed of what was going to happen next. I am very happy of how things look, and so far everything seems to be working fine. Again, thanks to you and your team for setting up the solar system. I would recommend your company to anyone considering solar power. Thanks, and God Bless.

Lou Salazar
York, PA

Glad I took Isaac’s advice

The guys were very courteous. They just did their work, I did not hear one complaint from them, and not even about the mud that was so bad that day. I’m so glad that I took Isaac’s advice regarding what battery bank to use. The solar & battery system works much better than I ever expected.

George Clopper
Hagerstown, MD

So glad that we have gone solar and so glad we chose Belmont Solar!

Just had a ground mount solar system installed by Belmont Solar. I had talked to 5 different solar companies about going solar and felt the most comfortable with Randy, Ben and the team. Their mounting structure is top notch and very impressive. The installation team led by Isaac was great. Very efficient and knowledgable.

Robert Shane
Lititz, PA

They are a great local business and truly care about their customers and quality of work.

Belmont Solar was great to work with from start to finish. They accommodated all of my requests and questions during the system design and were very clean and professional during the installation.

Tyler Thumma
Mechanicsburg PA

Other solar contractors kept giving me the run-around.

Ben Beiler did a good job. He knew right away what was going on when I talked with him. The other solar contractors kept giving me the run-around for about two or three months. Outback provided the contact for Belmont Solar. Our solar system is now working very well.

Sheila Winters
York, PA

Attention to detail set you apart from the other companies.

April 29, 2011, will be one year since the completion of my 10.12kw solar PV array that Belmont Solar installed at my residence. I want to tell you that I am extremely delighted with the engineering, installation, and performance of the system. You and the Belmont team were very competent and professional. Your experience and attention to detail set you apart from the other companies that I had interviewed for my project. I look forward to working with you and Belmont Solar in the future as the technology in renewable energy advances.

Bonnie Spayd
Temple, PA

They worked hard.

No more gas cans, no more exhaust, and no more noise. The guys did a good job. They worked hard, so the older people (us) would not have to.

Christ Stoltzfus
Gap, PA

Thanks for the unit and shipping it so fast!

Yes, installed it the same day I got it…it’s working right now 48v battery bank and 1000W solar array…Monitoring via wireless network all the way from my mom’s cabin to my home!!! So happy!!! I’m so proud this is built in America! I have not ordered the battery monitor because I’m waiting on a possible refund for an item I bought from China but was never shipped and because I want to also get the shunt 500amp 50mv for the Wizbang JR from you together with the battery monitor unit…again thanks for the unit and shipping it so fast!


You certainly bent over backwards.

The adjustments your team made to my solar system, are working great. The panels go into float mode before noon on a sunny day even in the dead of winter, and the snow removal is a lot easier. Your installers were very efficient knowledgeable and personable. You certainly bent over backwards to make sure I was satisfied with my system, and I thank you very much for that.

Judith Woodruff
Linn, WV

Any friends who ask for a referral, you will be top on our list

Thanks very much for the work done and we are now enjoying hot water from the sun again instead of from Met-Ed. Any friends who ask for a referral, you will be top on our list.

David Dell
Glenville, PA

Their guiding philosophy is to always do what is best for the customer.

The entire company workforce, be it the owners, sales personnel, administrators and installers, all share the same work ethic — to do the best professional job they can to the personal satisfaction of both the customer and company. I found these people to be a joy to work with; very honest and upfront in every step of the planning, scheduling, and installation process. Their objective is always to do the job right the first time. If you are looking for the cheapest installer, don’t bother to contact Belmont Solar. Their pricing is justifiably commensurate with the quality of work they complete. They go the extra mile in following through with any customer concerns that may come up.

Donald Kline

It looks good.

Well pleased. It looks good. Saw the ad in the Lancaster Business Directory. We’re basically neighbors.

Ivan Fisher
Gordonville, PA

Thanks for making the project a success.

Thanks for your part in our operations consolidation project this summer. Thanks for making the project a success. You were a big help and pulled through for us when we needed you! I’m glad we could count on friends like you on this project. It was a pleasure to work with you! Your guys are flexible and great to work with. From all of us at Country Value Woodworks.

Elam, Jonas, Rody & Jessie
New Providence, PA

I would recommend them to anyone who is interested in doing their part to get energy independent! Well done Belmont!

We had a 28.4 Kwh system installed at our farm. If everyone did business like Belmont Solar the world would be a much better place! Everyone from the sales rep to the office people, to the workers in the field, were all top notch!

Max Basehore
Basehore Farm Market, Hampden Township, PA

A job well done.

The solar setup is working very well. Thank you for a job well done. We are very pleased with the solar system we purchased in 2012. The technical support and the quality of the products was great.

Eli Byler
Little Falls, NY

It was a pleasure to do business with them.

I have used Belmont Solar twice to service my PV system and the domestic hot water system. Both were installed 12 years ago by a different company. On both occasions, they responded promptly, communicated well, correctly diagnosed the problem, and correctly repaired it for a fair price. They were clean pleasant and professional. It was a pleasure to do business with them. I would highly recommend Belmont Solar.

Don Ferrari
Exton, PA

I will be delighted to recommend your services.

Thank You for the wonderful job that you have done with the solar installation. It is wonderful seeing the production total each day, and it makes me feel good about producing some of my own electricity I was especially impressed with your vehicle setup and organization, it allowed the job go smoothly and on time. I only have good words to say about your work and I will be delighted to recommend your services to my friends and acquaintances.

Ben & Gale Culbertson
Shippensburg, PA

Technical support and the quality of the products was great.

We are very pleased with the solar system we purchased in 2012. The technical support and the quality of the products was great.

Eli Byler
Little Falls, NY

When you get Belmont, you get the best.

Due to a recommendation from a friend, who knew of Belmont Solar’s reputation: I contacted Ben a year ago. He looked at my house on Google earth, and went to work showing me various options and explaining the benefits of a solar system. He was more knowledgeable than anyone from four national companies I had previously spoken with. He was kind, patient and I could tell right away he was a man of integrity to whom rendering proper service was very important. Due to finances, I had to spend carefully, he never attempted to pressure me to buy bigger.

The whole experience working with Ben was a real pleasure, I felt he was looking out for my best interest, not just his own. I trust him like a family member!

He is willing to take the time to help you understand, exactly what solar will, or won’t do for you. After unfortunate delays on my end, he sent his team to do the installation. Isaac and Jonathon are very competent, furthermore, they are polite and respectful, very trustworthy coming in and out of our home. My family felt very comfortable having them among us. They are personable, intelligent, and very good at what they do. I am very grateful to both of them.

I am Bill Dudley from Foxboro, MA. Google me anytime, and call me. I am happy to tell you personally, how well I think of Ben and Belmont Solar. It was a great experience and as Ben knows, I hope to have them add to my system in a few years. Trust me when I tell you truthfully, at no personal gain for me, when you get Belmont, you get the best.

I cannot tell you more truthfully, than that you will be very pleased with the whole process and that everyone at Belmont is truly a pleasure to interact with.

Bill Dudley
Foxboro, MA

Thank you.

Isaac, Thank you for the good job. God Bless.

Richard Sosna
Girardville, PA

Dennis Zimmerman

February 20, 2020; 5 Stars! Highly technically qualified, knowledgeable, honest, trustworthy, thoughtful, gentle, considerate, kind, competent and skilled solar system installers! Starting with the initial sales contact, all of Belmont Solar staff have your best interests in mind, and not just to make a sale. Their concern was to present me with ideas that could lower my energy costs, be financially affordable, and the best system to meet my needs, not theirs. I have had two previous quotes for solar systems, and no one, no one gave me as much helpful information to reduce energy costs and improve the comfort of my home. None of the Belmont Solar staff or the other contractors they suggested applied any sales pressure. Very much appreciated! When the system was installed, the installers were very considerate of our needs and in making a low impact, clean installation of our solar system. Kathy and I are very happy with our solar system and especially with the entire Belmont Solar staff. I am 72 years old and very interested in keeping our planet healthy so my children and grandchildren will have a comfortable, safe, healthy place to live. Belmont Solar showed me how to realize my dream and save a lot of money. And yes, even at this age it was worth it! I highly recommend Belmont Solar to anyone even thinking about a solar system. You’ll be glad you called them.

Dennis Zimmerman

Max Basehore

We had a 28.4 Kwh system installed at our farm.
If everyone did business like Belmont Solar the world would be a much better place!
Everyone from the sales rep, to the office people , to the workers in the field were all top notch!

I would recommend them to anyone who is interested in doing their part to get energy independent !
Well done Belmont!

From all of us at Basehore Farm Market

Max Basehore

Danny Wojton

Belmont installed my Solar System in 2019. The company is amazing to work with. They spent time understanding what I wanted to get out of solar and developed a system that has exceeded my expectations. The entire process went smoothly and the Belmont team kept me updated through out. The install itself was low impact on my family and the Belmont install team is fantastic. Highly recommend this company to anyone looking to get solar.

Danny Wojton

Eric Gould

Excellent company! Project went smoothly from start to finish. Every one on the staff – sales, installers, and the owner, have been a pleasure to work with. We couldn’t be any happier with our system and highly recommend Belmont Solar.

Eric Gould

Kelly B

Belmont Solar crew and staff are very helpful in switching over to solar panel energy. Randy, the salesman is very easy to work with and is very informative and knowledgeable on solar energy. Ben is also top notch in delivering a quality product. The installation crew was the best and worked with us to get things just right. I would highly recommend this company! Solar is definitely the way to go.

Kelly B

Kenneth Weller

Great Company, From the very beginning Randy answered all our questions, actually went into the attic and up on the roof, to make sure everything was good for the solar install, Ben Zook for taking time on a Saturday to meet with me to answer more questions and show me the panels, the invertor and everything that was going to be done for the install.
We did have a few hiccups on the permit process but Belmont got them figured out and July 20th Ben Beiler and Matt showed up and started the install, basically two- three days everything was up and running. It’s nice to see the bi-directional meter going the other way and me making energy instead of paying for it.

Thank you to Belmont Solar and the team, Randy, Ben Z., Ben B., Matt and Racheal for helping us with solar. Highly recommend Belmont Solar.

Kenneth Weller

Joy Ritter

Belmont Solar was amazing to work with! When i started my project i knew very little, but they were vey helpful from start to finish. From the salesman, to the workers to the owner, all were easy to work with and patient with my many questions. I am about 2 months post project and i am extremely happy and impressed. My panels look and work great! Would recommend this company.

Joy Ritter

Steve Gotwols

It would be impossible to exaggerate our experience with Belmont Solar. From start to finish, Belmont exceeded our expectations in every way. Their entire staff is courteous, prompt and professional. Our estimate was very detailed not only in terms of cost, but also in terms of production and scheduling. Belmont took care of all permitting and paperwork for our electricity provider, county, and final inspection report. Our installation a month ahead of schedule, and our energy production is well ahead of Belmont’s projections. After completion, we received followup calls from the OWNER of the company, just to make sure everything was satisfactory. Highly recommended!!

Steve Gotwols

Select Environmental Solutions

Last year we had a company install a ground mount solar system which took almost 6 months to be installed and it was heavily damaged by the first wind storm we had. Belmont Solar came in and tore down that setup and installed a new ground mount in less then 2 weeks. It just survived a 80 mph wind gust and is producing more than ever before. Their staff are very professional and do nice clean work.

Select Environmental Solutions

Off-Trail Wildlife PA

After much research and receiving quotes from a number of companies I selected Belmont Solar for my project and they did an outstanding job. It’s refreshing to be served by a company that prioritizes customer satisfaction in every aspect of the relationship. I always have a ton of questions when making major decisions and they were (and continue to be) so patient without exception. The men who actually did the installation were courteous and professional at all times and as best I can tell (a few weeks after installation) they did a fantastic job. Knowing that many of the questions about solar production come post installation, Ben Zook (owner) checks in regularly and is a great resource. I would be very surprised if competitors match or even approach Belmont Solar’s total commitment to customer satisfaction. I cannot more highly recommend them.

Off-Trail Wildlife PA

Max Basehore

We had a 28.4 Kwh system installed at our farm.
If everyone did business like Belmont Solar the world would be a much better place!
Everyone from the sales rep, to the office people , to the workers in the field were all top notch!

I would recommend them to anyone who is interested in doing their part to get energy independent !
Well done Belmont!

From all of us at Basehore Farm Market

Max Basehore

Nancy Cole

From beginning to finish the Belmont Solar team was extremely professional and informative throughout the process. Meticulous, friendly and customer service oriented personnel at all levels, they involved us in the process from planning to installation. The finished product was all that we hoped it would be and more. Many thanks to Belmont Solar!
~Chuck and Nancy Cole

Nancy Cole

benjamin weaver

We started our solar journey in March of 2020 after the COVID shut down left us with a bit more time on our hands than expected. After falling out with another solar company that proved to be disreputable, we landed on Belmont Solar. Our experience with them was excellent! They were professional, honest, and timely in every step of the process from planning to installation. They listened when I said, for instance, that I wanted to upsize our system to accommodate a future electric car and worked with us to make that option a reality. It bears mentioning again that our installation occurred during the COVID pandemic, yet Belmont’s staff worked to ensure our safety while still completing the job in the allotted time frame. As mentioned above, all solar companies are NOT alike, and fortunately for us we ultimately found a great one. Based on our experience, I absolutely recommend Belmont Solar as a superior solar installation company!

benjamin weaver

Abram Zimmerman

Honest company doing exactly as promised.
Solar panels on the roof ,making juice!

Abram Zimmerman