Residential Solar Power In Pennsylvania

3 Types Of Residential Solar Power In Pennsylvania

Residential solar power installations in PA have been on the rise over the last decade. People all over the state of Pennsylvania and all over the country have been saying yes to solar power and installing solar panel systems to power their homes and businesses. Belmont Solar has literally helped hundreds of people just like you bring their solar power dreams to life. You can contact us today with questions about going solar or check out our solar learning center

Grid Tied Residential Solar Power In Pennsylvania

Grid tied residential solar power in PA is one of the most common types of solar systems you can find. Grid tied solar panel installations for residential housing improves the value of the home and reduces the carbon footprint of the homeowner. Another cool feature of all residential grid tied solar power systems is that extra power not used by the owner of the system is sent back to the grid and used by their neighbors.  To learn more about how residential grid tie solar systems work check out our solar blog.

Grid-Tied With Battery Backup Residential Solar Power In Pennsylvania

Battery backup is a very popular upgrade to residential solar power systems in PA. Adding solar battery backup does significantly increase the price of any residential solar power installation but for those who want or need assurance that they will have power for their critical loads during unforeseen power outages, solar battery backup is the way to go. 

Off Grid Residential Solar Power In Pennsylvania

Off grid solar systems are less common than residential solar power installations in PA that are grid tied but they still exist. It takes a very dedicated and intentional lifestyle to truly live using only off grid solar and other alternative living solutions. It is not for everyone. What off grid solar can be a great solution for though is powering a remotely located hunting cabin or a utility building of some kind that is not close to another power source. If you are interested in knowing more about what residential off grid solar power could do for you just contact us today

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Will Residential Solar Power Increase The Value Of My Home In Pennsylvania?

Yes! Believe it or not, installing residential solar power in Pennsylvania does increase the resale value of your home. People are always concerned that installing solar panels on their roofs will detract from the value of their homes but that is not the case. Across the United States and in Pennsylvania, homes sell for more money when they come with an installed solar system.

Is Residential Solar Power In PA Worth It?

According to US SunPower’s website, going solar in Pennsylvania is definitely worth it. The state averages 179 sunny days each year. This is plenty of sunny days to maximize solar power production and solar panel systems will still generate some power on cloudy days. Solar power is the future of energy production as more and more people and businesses transition to renewable energy solar. 

How Much Does Residential Solar Power Cost In Pennsylvania?

This is easily one of the most common questions people ask about residential solar systems, how much do solar panels cost? How much solar panels cost depends on a few factors: type of solar panel system, how much solar power you need from your solar panels, and whether or not you’re getting battery backup along with your solar system.

The typical residential solar power system in Pennsylvania costs between $15,000 and $40,000. It really depends on how much electricity you use each month, how big your roof is, and whether or not you are choosing to add solar battery backup to your system. Some solar panel systems cost a lot more or a lot less depending on what you want to use them for. But the average cost will be in that range.

You can get a very fast idea of how much residential solar power could cost you in Pennsylvania by using our solar panel cost calculator. Just choose the value closest to your monthly electricity bill and the calculator will do the rest! Then you will have a good estimate of how much a solar panel installation in PA would cost you.

Can Residential Solar Power In Pennsylvania Generate SRECs?

Yes, you can generate solar renewable energy credits with a residential solar panel system in Pennsylvania if it is tied to the power grid. SRECs are generated when your solar panels produce 1 megawatt of power. If your system produces 7 megawatts over the course of a year then you have 7 SRECs to trade on the SREC market and if your system produces 12 megawatts over the course of the year then you will have 12 SRECs to trade. 

Is Residential Solar Power Right For You?

Going solar isn’t necessarily right for everyone but when someone does choose to switch to solar power there are some clear benefits. Think about these benefits that we’ve touched on earlier:

There are a few challenges to going solar in PA that we should probably touch on. If you live in a normal-sized home and your electricity bills are breaking the $300.00 line each month you may run into a problem with solar system design. We find that sometimes when the energy costs are $300 or more that there is not always enough useable roof space to fit solar panels.

This can mean one of two things: either you will need to ground mount your solar panels (this can add some cost to the price of your solar installation) or you may have to settle for a smaller solar installation that will not fully eliminate your energy bills. Now, according to, the average monthly electricity bill in PA is only $120.00. The chances are that you will have plenty of roof space for the solar panels you will need to eliminate electricity bills anywhere close to that price range. 

If you’re ready to take your next step towards residential solar power in the state of Pennsylvania then give us a call, fill out a contact form now, or use our solar calculator and we will be in touch soon!