Solar Installer In Delaware County PA From Workmanship to Friendship

With great technological advancements in the industry, solar energy has been growing as a viable option to power peoples’ homes year after year. Solar energy has proven to not only be a more environmentally friendly way of powering homes, but also can lower monthly energy bills. Not to mention providing electricity to areas that utility companies will not serve. 

Belmont Solar is proud to be a solar installer in Delaware County PA, that designs and installs grid tie solar, grid tie solar with battery backup, and off-grid solar systems. We have loved serving the surrounding areas and other parts of the state for 20 years. 

We serve the following towns and cities in Deleware County and you can also check out this PA solar installations map! We are confident that we are the best choice if you are looking for a solar company in Delaware County.

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Using solar energy in Delaware County is both a smart and cost-effective way to provide your home with electricity. You can take matters into your own hands and break free from energy dependence on the power companies.

Belmont Solar has always pushed the envelope with cutting-edge solar technology ever since our company’s founding in 2002. We have satisfied countless homeowners with our technological acumen and quality Amish workmanship. We are ready to help you go solar and become energy independent.

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For every solar panel installation in Deleware County, we design the system to specifically meet individual needs. Our team will put the time and effort into your solar installation project to ensure the job is done right and suits your needs. Different municipalities have different laws and regulations regarding solar panel installation, and we will make sure that your solar system complies to the fullest extent.

Types Of Solar Systems We Offer For Delaware County PA

Listed below are the types of systems Belmont Solar offers to its customers:

Check out our Solar Learning Center for more information and solar resources!

How To Go Solar In Delaware County PA

Ready to power your Deleware County home with solar energy? We like to keep the process simple.

  1. Submit a contact form.
  2. Our solar consultants will give you a call to discuss what you’re looking for in your Delaware County solar system
  3. We will help you figure out what solar system type will meet your needs. 
  4. Within 24 hours of that conversation, we will send you an online proposal detailing everything about the project including a tentative schedule and cost breakdown. 
  5. Once we receive your accepted proposal and down payment, we will begin working with local municipality officials to ensure the applications and permits are completed. 
  6. We will then send a team to come out to your home and complete the installation. 
  7. After the installation is complete, our team will inspect your home to ensure power is being generated.

Now 7 steps may look like a lot of steps but as you read through them the only actionable pieces for you are to submit a contact form, express your expectations for your system, approve your solar proposal, and enjoy your power out of thin air once the installation is complete! 

With Belmont Solar, you never have to deal with your township or municipality, try to figure out the permitting process for solar panels, or power on your solar system. 

We take care of all of the headaches so you can enjoy powering your home with renewable energy from the sun!

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Why Choose Belmont Solar As Your Solar Installer In Delaware County?

Choosing the right solar company in Delaware County can be a difficult task – but it doesn’t have to be. At Belmont Solar, we bring a combination of great customer service, technical know-how, and expert Amish workmanship to each project we complete. 

Our team will work alongside you throughout the project until you are left with the solar system you’ve been waiting for. Give us a call at 717-768-7796 or fill out our contact form to get your free consultation.

Solar Panel Cost For Delaware County

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Solar Installations From Belmont Solar

Our solar energy company in PA can expertly install solar panels on the ground or your roof.

Solar Panel FAQ

The expected life of a home solar system can differ due to multiple factors. On average, it’s projected to last from 25 to 30 years. This approximation relies on how tough and efficient the solar panels are, as they are the central parts of the system.

Though solar panels primarily use sunlight to generate electricity, they are also capable of harnessing and converting scattered or reflected light into power. This means they can produce electricity even on overcast or snowy days. Nevertheless, their effectiveness might be lower than on bright, sunny days.

  • Sustainable energy solution: Given its plentiful and never-ending supply, sunlight serves as a renewable resource, positioning solar power at the top of that list.
  • Lower energy expenses: Producing your own electricity may lead to decreased electricity costs each month.
  • Eco-beneficial: The generation of solar energy is gentle on the environment, emitting zero greenhouse gases.
  • Extended durability: Solar panels are built to last, offering years of service with appropriate care.
  • Enhanced home value: Properties featuring solar panels typically attract higher selling prices.

If a solar panel setup produces more power than what’s required right away, the extra energy can be supplied back to the power grid. Depending on where you live, this method is referred to as net metering or a feed-in tariff. The additional electricity is then credited to your account, helping to reduce the amount of electricity you’ll need to pay for in the future.

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