PA Solar Installations Map

Solar Installations: Off-Grid and Grid-Tied Solar In Pennsylvania

Belmont Solar has been installing off-grid and grid-tied solar systems for 20 years, helping PA residents go solar. Established in 2002, Belmont has been helping individuals and families all around Lancaster County, Pennsylvania go solar. Realizing the potential of solar panels and that you can create your own power out of thin air is a game-changer for most. Energy independence is more important than ever and solar is a way to break free from relying on the power grid in Pennsylvania.

This map shows many of Belmont Solar’s recent solar panel installations. You can click on an individual installation icon and see the size of the system and the approximate location. Below the map, you can see the total kilowatts that all the installations on this map represent, the number of installations, and the average system size taking into consideration every installation listed!

Combined 6891.11 kW across 96 installations, with an average of 71.782395833333 kW each.

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If you’re ready to become energy independent and create your own power out of thin air, Belmont Solar can help you just like we’ve helped so many others!

If you want to know how much solar panels will cost then check out our Solar Cost Calculator and if you want to know How Does A Grid Tied Solar System Work then check out our solar blog.

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