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Solar Panel Installation in PA and MD Cut Your Energy Costs while promoting a Greener environment

Have you ever experienced “energy bill shock” when you received your monthly bill from the utility company? We’ve probably all experienced that feeling at one time or another. Let’s be honest, it’s not a fun place to be. But what if we told you that a typical solar panel installation could cover most (if not all) of your energy usage in a year?

Here at Belmont Solar, we’re all about helping people experience the amazing benefits of clean, renewable solar energy. Founded in 2002, our PA based solar energy company has offered alternative power services to both Eastern Pennsylvania and Maryland areas. We offer full-service solar panel installations for Grid-Tie, Off-Grid, and Grid-Tie with a Backup Battery.

We have seen many people just like you cut their energy costs tremendously with a solar panel installation. Why not start your journey towards energy savings today?

Modern Solar Energy Company With Amish Roots

Long before Belmont Solar grew into the modern Solar Energy Company that it is today, it was a dream in the mind of a young Amish boy from rural Lancaster County, PA named Ben Zook. Ben was born and raised here in Lancaster County, PA, and was always fascinated with battery-powered electricity.

After getting his GED, Ben began working for an electrical contractor. His time working as an electrician further ignited his love for electricity. He eventually went to Thaddeus Stevens College and became a certified NABCEP Certified Photo Voltaic installer by passing the North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners exam.

Over the past 20 years, Ben Zook has led Belmont Solar’s efforts to bring more and more people “Power, out of thin air” by designing and installing the highest quality solar panel installations. Ben has brought the Lancaster County famous Amish craftsmanship and hard work to his solar energy company and the happy customers and consistent growth speak for themselves.

What Type of Solar Panel Installation are You Interested In?

Our Solar Panel Installation Process

step one of our solar panel installation process is to request a free consultation
Step 1:
Schedule a Free Solar Consultation

To begin, simply give us a call or submit our contact form. When you contact us, be prepared to give us your address, a scan of a past utility bill, and a tentative budget. Once we have this information, we’ll provide you with a free solar consultation and estimate the size and cost of your future project.

Step 2 of our solar panel installation process is to review your solar proposal.
Step 2:
Review Proposal and Sign Contract

A day after your free consultation, you will receive a link to an online proposal for your potential solar panel installation. This proposal will detail the project, including a breakdown of the costs, estimated payback of the system, and a tentative schedule for installation. An electronic signature and downpayment are all we need to get the residential solar panel installation started.

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Step 3:
Installation Day

Upon signing the contract, our solar energy company will begin working with local officials to guarantee that all applications and permits are complete. Once all the permits are filed, we will come onsite and begin installing your system. When the installation is complete, we will make sure that the system is generating power and functioning properly. Then you can sit back and watch the energy savings grow!

From Small To Large Solar Installations In PA, Our Customers Are Always Pleased

Check Out This Solar Installation With Battery Backup

This was a great project that we were able to capture on video showing a large solar panel installation with solar battery backup. Check out this solar installation breakdown from Ben Zook the founder and owner of Belmont Solar! We love showing off our happy customers.

Ed Slatt

I’m very happy with my choice to use Belmont Solar for my solar project. I found Ben Zook to be… Read more “Ed Slatt”

Ed Slatt

jonathan king

Absolutely a+

jonathan king

Mike Heaney

Although I decided not to install solar at this time, I found Ben to be both knowledgeable and especially honest.… Read more “Mike Heaney”

Mike Heaney

Certifications and Memberships

As a leading solar energy company, we have obtained numerous certifications and memberships within the industry.
Visit our about page for more information on what this means for you.

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