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Here at Belmont Solar, we’re a standout solar company in PA, offering full-service solar installations for Grid-Tie, Off-Grid, and Grid-Tie with a Backup Battery.

From designing to installing custom solar systems, our experienced solar energy installers will do what it takes to meet your needs.

Belmont Solar is proud to provide old fashioned workmanship with top of the line, modern technology. Founded in 2002, our PA based solar energy company has offered alternative power services to both Eastern Pennsylvania and Maryland areas. As a trusted residential solar company, it is our goal to combine security, preparedness, and cool technology for all of our customers.

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The Advantages of Choosing Our Solar Company

When looking for a trusted solar company in PA or MD, you need to first understand the importance of this energy source. Solar energy is a completely renewable resource that will not only save you money in the long run, but also help the environment. Different from other types of energy sources (like coal), sun power will never run out.

When using nonrenewable sources (such as oil, natural gas, and coal), greenhouse gasses are emitted into the atmosphere and cause what is known as the greenhouse effect. The greenhouse effect traps and absorbs these gasses (carbon dioxide, radiation, and methane) in the atmosphere, causing the Earth’s temperature to rise.

So, what does this mean for solar energy? Because solar energy does not release any greenhouse gasses into our atmosphere, it is not negatively contributing to the Earth’s warmer temperatures. When you choose our PA based solar energy company, you’re choosing a clean energy source that helps save our planet.

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A Solar Company in PA That Fits Your Needs

When it comes to our Pa based solar company, we believe it’s important to keep our customers updated every step of the way. After you contact our solar energy installers and tell us your address, average utility costs, and a tentative budget, we’ll be able to provide you with a free solar installation consultation and estimate the size and cost of your future project.

Our solar energy company then creates custom design and engineering tailored to your needs. A day after your free consultation, you will receive an online proposal detailing the project, costs, payback of the system, and more. We’ll even be able to give you a tentative schedule for designing and installing your solar project.

As a trusted Solar Company in Pa, we understand the importance of following strict permit rules, and we work with local officials to guarantee that all applications and permits are complete. Once all the permits are filed, it’s finally time to begin the solar installation process. Our solar energy company will make sure that power is being properly generated and is functioning correctly. Get ready to brighten up your home the right way with the help of our solar energy installers!

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Contact Our Reliable Solar Company in PA

It’s time for your home to start generating power from the sun! If you feel this alternative source is right for you, contact the solar energy company that earns glowing reviews throughout PA today. We’re eager to start your free consultation and figure out what options are best for your home. Additionally, you can also view our learning resources to help guide you in understanding solar energy and its many benefits.

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Choosing a Trusted Solar Company in PA

Choosing a trusted solar energy company is one of the most important steps in any solar installation. A trustworthy solar energy installer will ensure you a stress-free installation process and quality work. As a result, it is important that you do the necessary research prior to selecting your installer.

The experience of the Kreiser family is a good reminder of this (see video below). They were looking forward to enjoying the benefits of solar, but the installation process was riddled with headaches, mistakes, and low quality work caused by an untrustworthy installer. At Belmont Solar, we know that you don’t deserve to be treated this way, and we want to help you avoid it at all costs. Check out our page on Choosing a Trusted Solar Installer to learn some helpful tips you can apply in your search for a trusted solar energy company.

What Do Customers Say About Our Solar Company in PA?
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Kurt’s Solar Story

Other solar energy companies were pushy and didn’t seem to be a good fit for Kurt. Watch as he shares his experience working with Belmont Solar.

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