Solar Installation Based in Lancaster, Serving PA, and MD

Amidst the rising energy costs, one source of electricity remains free: the sun. With a solar installation, you can harness that free energy and avoid those rising energy costs. As a NABCEP-certified solar installer, we are passionate about helping people do just that. Whether you are looking to cut energy costs, limit your impact on the environment, or power an off-grid location, we can tailor a solar installation solution to fit your specific need.

If you are contemplating a solar installation for your home or farm, we have a sample proposal that you can download on this page. This sample proposal is based on an average size solar installation, and it contains information like cost breakdown, project specifications, payback period, financial analyses, and so much more. Our hope is that it will be a helpful source for you in your solar journey.

Our Solar Installation Services

One of our solar consultants will call you to discuss your goals and needs for the most efficient solar panels. Based on your address, your energy needs, and our software, we can determine the size and type and solar panel system that will work best for your location.

Within a day of our phone call, you will receive a link to an online proposal for your potential solar panel installation. This proposal will detail the project, including a breakdown of the costs, estimated payback of the system, and a tentative schedule for installation. An electronic signature and downpayment are all we need to get the residential solar panel installation started.

We’ll work with your local officials to ensure all applications and permits are filed. When everything is ready, our team will begin the solar panel installation process, make the necessary connections to your home and/or the grid, and ensure that power is being generated. At this point, the solar panel system is functioning as it should.

Sample Proposal Download

Are you wondering what your solar installation proposal might look like from Belmont Solar? Well, now you can download a sample proposal and view it for yourself. This sample proposal is for an average house, similar to about 50-75% of the installations we do. In it, you will find helpful bits of information, such as:

  • financial analyses
  • cost breakdown
  • personal savings
  • estimated payoff period
  • and project specifications

Just click the button below to start your download.

If you have any questions regarding the sample proposal’s information, please reach out to our team. We welcome any queries, simple or complex!

worker installing solar panel mounting on a roof

What Could You Save with a Solar Installation?

Does a solar installation actually save you money in the long run? There are plenty of conflicting opinions out there, but as a solar system installer we can truthfully say that it does! After the payoff period, you can calculate your Return On Investment (ROI) by looking at your electricity usage. If, for example, you normally use 1,200 kWh of electricity at $0.13 per kWh, your savings are $156. That’s the money you would spend on electricity per month without solar. This $156 is the extra money that you are now pocketing and will continue to pocket, and even more, as electricity rates rise over the years.We have seen many of our past customers experience big energy savings, and some have even gained energy independence. You can see some of their stories for yourself in our blog.

Additional Solar Energy Services

We offer a wide range of solar services that will raise your home’s value while saving you money in the long run. These services include the following:

  • New System Installation
  • Expanding Existing Solar Arrays
  • Commercial & Residential Solar Arrays
  • System Diagnosing
  • Service Calls
  • Electrical Work

For more information on our solar panel installation services, contact our team today at (717) 768-7796.