Grid Tied Solar Panel System with Home Battery Backup

In the market for a solar panel system for your home? Consider a grid tied solar panel system with home battery backup, which combines the benefits of both grid-tie and off-grid solar systems in one package. A grid tied solar panel system with home battery backup is a hybrid system that remains connected with the grid, allowing you to sell unused energy back to the utility company. If the power from the electric company goes out, you’ll still have the energy stored in your home battery backup to power the house. With a solar panel system and home battery backup combined, you can reduce your energy costs, gain dependable electricity, and even achieve energy independence for your home.

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Backup batteries for a residential solar panel system.

How Much Could a Solar Panel System with Home Battery Backup Save You?

Many people question whether a solar panel system will actually save them money. The answer to this is a big resounding YES! After the payoff period you can calculate your Return On Investment (ROI) by looking at your electricity usage. If, for example, you normally use 1,200 kWh of electricity at $0.13 per kWh, your savings are $156. That’s the money you would spend on electricity per month without solar. This $156 is the extra money that you are now pocketing and will continue to pocket, and even more, as electricity rates rise over the years.

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Benefits of Having A Solar Panel System with Home Battery Backup


Like all photovoltaic (PV) solar panels, this system generates clean, free energy from the sun. The system uses this to charge a bank of battery backups for solar panels.


During the day, the solar energy is used to power your home’s systems. Any excess energy generated by your solar panel system is sold and sent onto the utility grid.


At night or during cloudy days, your home uses electricity from the home battery backup to meet your demands.


When the grid fails, your home battery backup system kicks in and runs the essential appliances and systems connected to the backup. That way you never lose power to key components during an outage.

Correct Expectations for a Battery Backup Solar Panel System

A well-designed battery backup solar panel system will run all critical loads in a house. In a power outage situation (depending on the size of the battery) your refrigerator, freezer, internet, cable, TV, radio, and maybe a mini-split heat pump will continue to run. (Mini-split heat pumps are ductless and heat or cool only the rooms being used, not the whole house.)

A common misconception is that a home battery backup system can go far beyond supplying critical loads. Many people expect it to run everything in the home like normal, including the heating and cooling systems. This is unrealistic. Battery backup is not designed as an off-grid design. Off-grid houses are usually smaller and better insulated, with owners who know how to deal with their power consumption.

The message here is that our 21st century lifestyle simply cannot be maintained during a power outage, but you can do a lot to keep yourself safe during an emergency such as an ice storm or hurricane. You will be able to watch the news with the use of an antenna, cable, or internet. You can contact your family, letting them know you are safe, and they can contact you. Making the best of the situation is all about your attitude. What’s not to like about lighting some candles and cooking on the camping stove, creating a positive family memory? You will look back on any power outage with a smile, knowing you have the essentials right at your fingertips.

Free Consultations for Your Solar Panel System with Home Battery Backup

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