Solar Energy Benefits

Solar Energy Benefits are a Win for the Environment and Your Wallet

When the Maisano family saw their electricity bill climb to $160 per month, they experienced “electric bill shock”. Had they really used that much electricity in the past month? The astonishing truth was that they had, and Matt realized that something needed to be done for him and his family.

After researching different renewable energy sources, Matt was surprised by how appealing solar energy benefits were. A move to solar energy would greatly decrease their electric bill, and maybe even eliminate it altogether. Solar energy is also a zero-emissions power source, and Matt knew that a switch to solar would help promote a cleaner environment. 

To Matt, the choice was clear. As a result, he decided to make the investment and reached out to Belmont Solar to help him install his solar system.

The Solar Energy Benefits from the Maisano’s Solar Installation

The resulting solar energy benefits that Matt and his family experienced from their investment were more than he had first anticipated. First of all, the Maisano family’s electric bill not only dropped considerably, but was eliminated entirely! Electricity costs no longer played a significant factor in their budget, and Matt was able to use that extra cash for other important things. The panels for his system were also warrantied for between 20-25 years, so Matt can rest assured knowing these savings will continue for at least 20 years and beyond. 

A second solar energy benefit that the Maisano’s experienced was profit from excess generated power. With his grid tied solar system, Matt could sell his excess power back to the grid and receive a credit from the utility company. So, not only did he save on his electric bill, but he also added more money into his budget!

With all these financial gains combined, the Maisano’s initial investment cost will be recovered in 7.8 years. Once the system has paid for itself, the Maisano family will continue to receive a return of about 10% on their investment. Unlike the stock market, this was a stable and safe move with a reliably positive outcome for Matt and his family. 

A third solar energy benefit is the positive impact that the Maisano’s solar system has on the environment. Solar panels are a zero-emissions power source, and the Maisano’s had the satisfaction knowing they lowered their home’s carbon output significantly.

The environmental significance of the Maisano’s solar installation can be expressed through some impressive numbers. Their smart investment decision has had the same effects as the following:

Those are some incredible numbers! And they come as a result of one family’s wise investment decision in switching to clean, renewable solar energy. The good news is, it’s an investment decision that you can also make!

Are you wondering what solar energy benefits you could experience with a solar install? Reach out to our team today, and we’ll help you get started on a journey towards energy savings and environmental friendliness.