The Maisano Family: A Story of Solar Energy Benefits

Family turns to Belmont Solar After Electric Bill “Shock” and Experiences the Benefits of Solar Energy

When the Maisano family saw their electricity bill climb to $160 per month, they knew they had to take action. Decreasing that bill would have a huge impact on their budget. They reached out to Belmont Solar for help.

Belmont’s technicians sized up the situation at the Maisano home and concluded that their house and roof are positioned perfectly to make use of the sun’s rays to generate electricity, as you can see in the below video.

One benefit of going solar is that their utility bill will be reduced so dramatically that electricity costs will no longer be a significant factor in their budget. Depending on their usage in the future, a solar system could eliminate their electric utility bill completely.

The solar energy benefits did not end there. Solar energy is much more than that. They could actually begin to profit, by selling back to the grid any excess power generated. The family’s initial cost of investing in solar will be recovered in 7.8 years, and from that time onward, the Maisanos will get a
return of about 10% on their investment. Unlike the stock market, this is a stable and safe move with a reliably positive outcome.

Solar energy is a win-win situation, with significant financial and environmental benefits. Solar panels are a zero-emissions power source when they generate electricity from the sun, an abundant source of energy across the globe. The panels are warrantied for between 20 and 25 years, depending on the manufacturer, so you know your investment will serve you for at least 20 years and often beyond.

The environmental significance of the Maisano solar installation can be expressed through some impressive numbers. We gladly report that, with this installation, the Maisano’s decision will have the same effects as:
– taking 46.6 vehicles off the road
– planting 5866 trees
– and eliminating the need for 532 barrels of oil

Of course, the transportation and manufacturing of panels will have an environmental impact, but so does the pumping and transporting of oil. The bottom line is that, once the panels are up, the energy is clean and abundant. Oil only burns once and produces carbon dioxide and waste in all parts of its logistical life.

The Maisano family made a smart decision by turning to Belmont Solar to turn off their high electricity bills and turn on the power of the sun. The shift from debt to profit will benefit their finances greatly, while the shift from fossil fuel to clean solar energy will benefit our planet.

Let Belmont Solar help you end the Electric Bill “Shock” at the end of the month, and you can experience the same amazing solar energy benefits. You can start by contacting us today by phone or email, or with our online form.