Tough Trac Solar Panel Mounting System

Since 2009, Tough Trac has been a leading designer and manufacturer of solar panel mounting racks. In 2017, Belmont Solar acquired Tough Trac, allowing our team to bring the industry’s most innovative solar panel mounting in-house. As a solar panel installer, we have the unique advantage of manufacturing our own solar panel mounting systems!

Why Use Tough Trac?

Superior Strength

You do not want your solar panels to come loose. Tough Trac has superior rail strength, securing your investment! Tough Trac rail strength is the strongest in its class, rated for spans up to 80 inches in 120 mph winds and 48-inch spans for 80-pound snow loads. Since Tough Trac has superior strength, we can use fewer roof penetration points. With fewer penetration points, we can install your residential or commercial solar system faster, lowering costs!

tough trac with solar panels

Superior Wire Management

Belmont Solar purchased Tough Trac because we wanted to translate our 20 years of experience into the design of the rails and continuously improve on the design. Our built-in wire management is an excellent example of this innovation and is specially designed by us to prevent wire damage by critters and weather. In addition to the innovative, built-in wire management channel, the new “L Foot” adjusts up and down in height to accommodate uneven and bowed rafters.

All other racking systems use zip ties to secure the wires to the racking. Using zip ties will cause trouble down the road. Plastic zip ties deteriorate, and the wiring will eventually dangle on your roof. Over time, the wind will scrape the wires across the roof, removing the wire insulation. Once the insulation is gone, the solar system will fail.

Tough Trac does not use zip ties; the wire management system is built directly into the rail! The mounting rails have a wire management channel we use to run the solar panel wiring. We use aluminum clips to secure the wiring within the rail, resulting in a cleaner, more secure, and ‘everlasting’ wiring solution. Unlike plastic zip ties, aluminum clips will not deteriorate, and your wires will be secure!

Tough Trac Wiring

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As mentioned above, the Tough Trac rail features an adjustable L foot to mount the rails to the roof. We can adjust to 1.25″ height, allowing the racking system to account for uneven or bowed rafters.


With Tough Trac mounting systems, you can achieve a clean and symmetrical system with superior strength! It is a system that will outlast the solar panels by far, allowing you to upgrade after the warranted panel life of 25 years without removing the mounting system.

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