Lithium Rubix Solar Batteries Amish Made Battery Backup

Our Life Batteries from Miller Tech have always been the backbone of our off-grid installs but now Miller Tech and Ark Lithium (both Amish Battery makers) have joined forces combining almost 150 years of battery development into a new enterprise called Rubix. Rubix solar batteries bring advanced measurement features to your solar system. Rubix batteries can communicate with a Sol Ark inverter, allowing you to monitor the cell level, real-time state of the battery’s charge, temperature, cycles, and current tracking.

Rubix Solar batteries are built for the future which is why Belmont Solar has begun incorporating these advanced batteries into our off-grid and hybrid solar installations. We believe in the quality of their products! Rubix batteries are built by the Amish and come with a 10-year warranty. Let’s learn more about why Rubix batteries are cutting-edge solar technology worth getting excited about.

Rubix Solar Battery Sizes:

Rubix batteries are modular so you can stack them to build a custom sizing according to your needs. Each Rubix battery module can hold 5.0 kilowatt hours giving you a range of 5.0 – 30 Kilowatt hours per battery stack. If you ever want or need to expand your backup battery storage, you can just add another module.

Benefits Of The Lithium Rubix Solar Batteries:

New Solar Battery Technology

The Rubix batteries are made with LFP (Lithium Iron Phosphate). LFP batteries are commonly used in EV vehicles but are now making their way into the solar battery backup market. The chemistry in LFP batteries gives a longer cycle life than the other lithium-ion chemistries. Studies have shown that LFP cells would last 67% longer than NMC batteries. A Rubix battery will last longer and is easily customizable.

Solar System Monitoring

The Rubix battery management system would be worthless without a way to see your solar system’s performance in real-time. The Rubix battery stack can communicate with your inverter using a data communication cable. Using an app, you can monitor your solar system and solar batteries to see how much charge is remaining and any other helpful information. At any time, you can see your battery usage and see how much charge you have left.

Important Monitoring Capabilities 

The monitoring of these important solar system parameters is made possible by Rubix’s Battery Management System, you can monitor all these things with an app or computer. You will be able to monitor:

  • Cycle Tracking
  • Real-Time % Readings
  • Time Until Empty 
  • Time Until Full 
  • Fault Detection and Awareness 
  • Mosfet State On/Off
  • Individual Cell Group Voltages 
  • Design Capacity 
  • Remaining Usage Capacity 

See an example generation overview from the Sol-Ark inverter.

Is Solar With Battery Backup Right For You? 

Choosing to add solar batteries to your solar system is not the right choice for everyone. We have additional information on hybrid solar systems and solar battery backup to help you make an informed decision. One of the biggest solar battery misconceptions is that when you are using your solar batteries because of a power outage or bad storm you can run everything in your home like you normally would, this is not the case.

Hybrid solar systems with battery backup are designed to operate your critical loads, the most important things you need in a time of crisis. It is not for continuing your 21st Century-style living during an emergency. Having the right expectations around solar batteries is important. Contact us today with more questions about solar power and battery backup!