Lancaster Powerwall Installer

Belmont Solar is a certified Tesla Installer! We sell and install the new Powerwall 3, a compact home battery backup that stores energy from your solar panel system or the power grid. A home battery backup is used to power essential appliances during a power outage or to power your home during the night while your solar system is not generating electricity. The Powerwall 3 has multiple customizable power modes to optimize stored energy for outage protection, electric bill savings, and more. Let’s take a look at the new and improved Powerwall system!

Why Buy a Powerwall?

The Powerwall 3 is the latest version of Tesla’s home battery backup system. It features an integrated solar inverter and can be installed with a solar system or as a battery backup, removing the need for a backup generator. Unlike other batteries with separate inverters, the Powerwall 3 can power your home in one integrated unit. It is scalable, allowing you to expand your battery backup storage anytime. Here are the primary uses of the Powerwall.

Store and Use Energy

Powerwalls are often used with either a Hybrid or Off-Grid solar system. You can store excess energy produced during the day and use it at night. However, you do not need a solar system to use a Powerwall. A Powerwall can function as a home battery backup instead of a backup generator to protect against power outages. Visit our Home Battery Backup blog to learn more about protecting yourself against power outages.

Save Money

A solar system generates free electricity using the power of the sun. A Powerwall allows you to store and use more free energy from the sun., however, a it can help you save money, even without installing a solar system! Electricity pricing is often cheaper late at night or early in the morning and most expensive from 2 PM – 9 PM. You can charge your battery during the off-peak hours at a lower cost and use that energy during peak hours. By using energy stored from off-peak hours, you can reduce your energy bill over time. If you live in an area where the Tesla Virtual Power Plant is available, you can sell the energy stored in your battery backup. Tesla’s VPP program aggregates the energy stored in Powerwalls across thousands of homes to provide a network of on-demand energy that supports your local grid during peak hours. You can sign up for the Tesla VPP program through the Tesla app.

Powerwall 3 VS Powerwall 2

Unlike the Powerwall 2, the Powerwall 3 has an integrated inverter, increased capacity, and is flood resistant up to 2′. Here are the specs of both systems so you can see the upgrades.

SpecsPowerwall 2Powerwall 3
Energy Capacity13.5kWh13.5kWh
On-Grid Power5kW continuous11.5kW continuous
Backup Power7kW Peak11.5kW continuous
ScalableUp to 10 Units40.5 kWh max addition per unit
DurabilityWater and dust resistanceFlood and dust resistance
Operating Temperature-4F to 122F-4F to 122F
Warranty10 years10 years

Tesla Powershare

With the release of the Cybertruck, Tesla has introduced its Powershare technology. Cybertruck owners can power their electronic devices, vehicles, or homes during a power outage and expand their current Powerwall storage capacity. Here are the capabilities of Powershare.

Home Backup

One of Powershare’s most practical applications is providing backup power to your home during an outage. Your Cybertruck can automatically detect an outage and start providing power within one minute without the noise, emissions, or maintenance that comes with a backup generator. A Cybertruck can provide 11.5KW of power, the same as the Powerwall 3, making it a reliable and efficient backup power source for your home.

If you want to use your Cybertruck as a home battery backup, contact us, and we will install the hardware needed.

Power on the Go

The Cybertruck has two 120V outlets in the cabin plus one 240V and two 120V outlets in the cargo bed. With Powershare, you can power electric devices or tools.

Charge Other EVs

Plugging into the 240V cargo bed outlet allows you to charge other electric vehicles with up to 9.6 kW of power.

Why Purchase From Belmont?

Tesla is on the cutting edge of the clean energy revolution! We are proud to install Tesla Powerwalls in PA and MD to help our neighbors achieve energy efficiency and independence. We have you covered literally (with solar panels on your roof, shed, or garage) and figuratively by installing all the complicated parts of solar installations.

A solar system saves you money on your energy bills month after month and year after year. Solar panels collect energy from the sun and bring that energy into your home to power your house and appliances. Adding a battery backup system to your solar panel installation can free you from dependency on the power grid. We have helped people achieve energy independence for over 20 years. We take pride in what we do to help people reach their energy efficiency goals. We value the performance (of our technicians and your installed solar system), education (to help you know how your system works and what it’s doing for you), and neatness (every installation is clean and neat).

We want to make your transition to sustainable energy as seamless as possible. We secure all the necessary applications and permits from local governments. When we install the system, we make sure it functions correctly. We’re here to help you with your solar energy questions and design the perfect system.

Get your Powerwall 3

It may be time to upgrade your home’s energy security. If you’re ready to reduce your electricity bill and minimize your carbon footprint, a solar system with a battery backup is the solution! Tesla Powerwall batteries are stackable so that you can expand your backup storage if you need more than one or want to upgrade your current storage. Our Tesla-certified team will design a battery backup system to meet your requirements. We’re ready to help you take control of your energy usage and save money on your energy bills! Give us a call or fill out our contact form for a free consultation!