Tesla Backup Battery Tesla Powerwall Certified Installer

Belmont Solar is now a certified Tesla Powerwall installer. Brand new Tesla solar panels and Tesla battery backup systems are available to you, installed by one of our Tesla-certified solar professionals. Now you can enjoy free, Tesla energy like it’s “out of thin air”. Tesla solar technology will reduce your reliance on utilities and their price changes and Tesla’s backup battery system (Tesla Powerwall) can give you even more independence from the grid. Contact us today to start the conversation about Tesla solar panels and Tesla backup battery options.

Tesla Solar Panels Installers In South Central, PA

Tesla solar panels are some of the most visually appealing panels on the market. Like everything else Tesla creates, they have a sleek, minimalistic appearance. Installed, they feature a low profile (you might even forget they’re there).

Tesla panels are durable solar panels that will convert sunlight into energy to power your home. They’re designed to provide maximum solar production even on roofs with challenging angles.

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Tesla Powerwall Installers: Tesla Backup Battery

The Tesla backup battery takes things to the next level by storing any excess energy collected by your panels during the day so that you can use that stored energy at night after the sun goes down.

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The Tesla Powerwall is Tesla’s backup battery system. Battery backup is when you connect a special battery to your solar panel system. As your solar panels collect energy from sunshine anything you don’t use throughout the day is stored in the battery as backup energy. Tesla’s backup battery energy can be used in several ways.

  1. Backup battery energy can be used at night after the sun goes down to power key things in your house and reduce your use of grid power.
  2. The Tesla backup battery can be used during a power outage to power important appliances and power your well pump.
  3. Powerwall can also monitor “Time of Use” timers and supply extra power during the high usage times instead of your home drawing power from the grid.

The Powerwall Tesla backup battery provides immediate security in the event of a power outage due to a storm or some kind of power grid failure. No upkeep, no noise (like from a generator), and no fuel requirements. When you lose power it will take over and provide you and your family with the power you need.

Tesla Powerwall batteries can keep all of your critical loads running like your fridge, freezer, lights, and well pump. You can have peace of mind knowing you have backup power stored in a Tesla battery that’s always there for you when you need it most.

In some areas, where utilities have a Time-of-Use system in place (TOU), you can shift your usage from the grid to the Tesla Powerwall in higher priced times, maximizing your return on investment. This saves you money when it matters most. All this can be done through the Tesla app from your phone or iPad.

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Innovation and Security

Tesla Solar Panel Installers and Tesla Backup Battery

Tesla is innovation. Tesla solar panels and battery backup systems are absolutely cutting edge. We’re excited to be able to bring Tesla solar to PA and MD. When we install for our clients we take care of everything from Solar system design, township applications and permits, full installation, and final inspection procedures. We have you covered literally (with solar panels on your roof, shed, or garage) and figuratively by taking care of all the complicated parts of solar installations. We will help you achieve energy independence.

Installing solar panels will save you money on your energy bills month after month and year after year. Solar panels collect energy from the sun and bring that energy into your home to power your house and appliances. You can be free from your dependency on the power grid by adding a battery backup system to your solar panel installation.

Belmont Solar has been helping people achieve energy independence for almost 20 years. We take pride in what we do to help people reach their energy efficiency goals. We value performance (of our technicians and your installed solar system), education (to help you know how your system works and what it’s doing for you), and neatness (every installation is clean and neat). We’re here to help you with your solar energy questions and design the perfect system for you.

Tesla Backup Battery: Are You Ready?

Backup protection through the Tesla Powerwall backup battery is fully automatic. The Powerwall stores renewable energy, detects outages, and becomes your home’s energy source when the grid is down.

Maybe it’s time to take your home’s security to the next level. Maybe you’re ready to reduce your electricity bill and minimize your carbon footprint. Tesla solar panels and Tesla backup batteries are your answer.

If you reach out for a free consultation we can talk through all of your home’s specific needs. We will design a solar power system to specifically meet your needs. Tesla Powerwall batteries are actually stackable so, if you require more than one, we can stack them right on top of each other to maintain a minimalist look and save you space. Each Tesla battery is less than 6 inches wide. We’re ready to help you take control of your energy usage and save money on your energy bills.

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