About Us

Our Mission & Vision

I am Ben Zook, owner and NABCEP Certified Master Electrician at Belmont Solar in Gordonville, Pennsylvania.

My mission is to help homeowners and small business owners enjoy the freely available energy from the sun. Together with a great team, we specialize in installing Grid-tied, Hybrid, and Off-grid solar systems, each custom-designed for the customer’s location and needs. I also help customers with whole-house battery backup systems and EV charging systems for their Electric Vehicles at home! We build partnerships with companies such as Solar4America, Sol-Ark, and Tesla to provide the best care for our customers.

With over two decades of experience in the electrical and renewable energy trade, I bring a rich experience to your needs while helping everyone understand all of the facets of the solar solution.

We’re Passionate About Bringing Solar Energy To Our Community

My experience with solar energy grew from a strong passion for electrical and renewable technology. Starting at 17, I saw innovations happening within the solar industry and knew these improvements could help my neighbors and I get clean, reliable, and more affordable energy. Now, having built a strong team of experienced people over the past 20+ years, we have helped hundreds of homeowners and businesses enjoy the benefits of solar energy.

Our promise to you is we will bring our years of experience to your system so that it runs at optimal performance. In the process, we will also take time to educate you on your new system, answer any questions you have, and help you better understand the effectiveness of solar energy. 

The goal of every installation is to make sure that you are satisfied with your system and our service. That’s why we strive passionately for our mantra “From workmanship to friendship.”  

Thank you for considering Belmont Solar for your renewable energy needs.

Our Team

Belmont Solar Warranties: Our Fabulous Triple Ten

At Belmont Solar, you can have peace of mind knowing you are covered. Warranties in the solar industry are exceptional. The manufacturers offer 25 years on their products. Name one product that gives you this much warranty!

We call it our Triple Ten. Basically, this means a complete top-to-bottom system warranty including:

  • 10 year complete workmanship warranty
  • 10 year complete product warranty
  • 10 year production warranty

25 year limited warranties

  • 25 year limited product warranty on solar panels
  • 25 year limited warranty on racking system
  • 25 year limited power output warranty on solar panels

The warranties listed above do not apply to online monitoring functionality or to battery systems. Physical damage, modifications performed by other parties, and any incident covered by homeowner’s insurance is not covered. See Belmont Solar’s warranty sheet for full details.

The first year of power production is guaranteed, as outlined in the system design. The power production guarantee is based on tilt, orientation, azimuth, equipment performance, and local weather. It does not include excessive shading from trees or other location obstacles. Power production guarantee is also not applicable to battery backup systems, or any system where the user’s solar access window at the location has changed. In the case of physical damage to a system, power production guarantee also does not apply.