Ground Mounted Solar Panels For Douglassville PA

Large Ground Mounted Solar Panels Installed In Douglassville

Belmont Solar has been a leading Pennsylvania solar installer for more than 20 years. Berks County is one of our focus service areas. It just so happens that Douglassville Pennsylvania is nestled within Berks County. We were able to help these homeowners design and install an oversized ground-mount solar system for their Douglassville property. 

Full Ground Mount Solar System Installation For Douglassville

Contrary to popular belief, not every ground-mounted solar installation is an off-grid solar system. This Douglassville solar installation is a great example of the exception to the rule. It is a huge ground-mounted system but it is connected to the grid. This homeowner had the property space to oversize their solar installation by choosing a ground-mounted setup. It allowed for the extra panels to be positioned in an ideal spot to receive unobstructed sunlight. This installation format will ensure optimal performance of the panels for many years

Douglassville Ground Mounted Solar System Specs

Let’s talk about the technical specifications of this huge ground-mounted solar installation that we did in Douglassville PA. As we’ve stated, this solar system was designed and rated to offset 120% of the homeowner’s yearly energy usage. This allows for the electric vehicle charging as well as extra net metering benefits and solar renewable energy credit generation

You are looking at a 24.2-kilowatt ground-mounted solar system installed in Douglassville Pennsylvania. This system is comprised of 55 Axitec 440-watt solar panels or modules. It is relying on 2 Fronius 10 kilowatt inverters to handle all the power the ground-mounted panels will generate. It is rated to offset 120% of the owner’s energy usage and is expected to generate 28,000 kilowatt hours annually. Assuming that it hits that projected production number it will simultaneously generate 28 SRECs in one year for the homeowner. 

This system generating 28 SRECs per year could gross the owner of the system another $1,200 or more per year according to the current SREC value in PA. So, over the years as rates may and probably will increase the owner of the ground-mounted solar installation stands to profit even more. 

Ground Mounted Solar Installation Specs Snapshot

Oversized Douglassville Solar Installation Allows For Electric Vehicle Charging

One signature feature of this oversized Douglassville solar installation is the ready-to-go electric vehicle charging station. Something people don’t always realize is that if they oversize their system, meaning it is rated to more than compensate for their monthly electricity costs, they can add features like electric vehicle charging stations! This is a great way to prepare for the future and be ready to transition to electric vehicles

This homeowner chose to do just that and we think it’s an excellent addition to an already impressive solar array. We have done more electric vehicle charging stations than you might think in recent times. People are becoming increasingly aware of their benefits and with their own, at-home charging stations it’s never been easier to get into an electric vehicle. 

Learn More About Solar Installations For Pennsylvania

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Solar Installations For Douglassville, Berks County, And The Surrounding Areas

If you find this Douglassville solar installation inspiring contact Belmont Solar today to find out what your solar options may be! We proudly serve Berks County, Chester County, Lancaster County, and the surrounding areas helping people go solar. You can achieve energy independence with the right system design depending on your home and property. 

We are ready to help you create your own power out of thin air with a solar panel system custom designed to meet your specific needs. Maybe a basic grid-tied roof-mounted solar installation would work best for you. Or maybe a system with battery backup is what you’re looking for? You might even be able to go with an oversized ground-mounted solar system like this one! To find out what all your options are fill out a contact form and one of our solar experts will reach out to discuss your options.