Lititz PA Solar System Installation

We had to get creative with the roof space on this Lititz PA home for their solar panel arrangement. The slope of this roof was pretty steep but our solar designers were able to configure a great solar array installation that will serve these homeowners well through many years of renewable energy. 

Every solar panel installation is unique and that’s part of the fun and excitement. At Belmont Solar, we are passionate about serving our customers and seeing more people “go solar” and begin generating their own power out of thin air. Solar may not be for everyone and every home or business but there are so many opportunities and possibilities we love working with people to help them solve their energy bill expenses. 

Lititz PA Solar System Design And Installation 

As you can see from the images, our designers leveraged all of the available roof space they could to create a solar panel array configuration that would generate lots of green energy for these homeowners willing to take their power production into their own hands. Looking at these solar installation and design images is so rewarding because we can see clearly how versatile solar panels can be. You may not have a traditional roof but that doesn’t mean that you can’t become a part of the renewable energy movement that is now sweeping the globe. 

In these installation images, you can see what the Tough Trac mounting system rails look like which is very cool. Belmont Solar offers the patented Tough Trac mounting system with all qualifying solar installations. The special feature of the Tough Trac mounting system is that the mounting rails actually feature special channels for all the wires to be safely tucked inside. 

Most mounting systems do not offer this and as a result, wires are just fastened to the mounting rails and are subject to more exposure to the elements. With Tough Trac, your solar system wires are protected inside the rail channels. This leads to system longevity and reduced solar system maintenance over the years. In these images, you can see the wires but before the end of the installation, they will all be tucked safely inside the Tough Trac railing. 

Lititz PA Solar System Specifications

This turned out to be a larger-than-average solar panel system for Lititz PA. The grid-tied solar system is a 22.2 kilowatt solar system comprised of 60, 370-watt solar panels from SILFAB. The solar system required 2 SolarEdge 10k Inverters as well. This system will not only generate energy accounting for a 75% energy usage offset but it will also simultaneously generate solar renewable energy credits that these homeowners will be able to profit from every year throughout the life of their solar system. 

It’s important to note that this system is not large enough to completely eliminate the energy bills of this home unless they figure out ways to reduce their energy consumption by roughly 25%. This is a doable task but will require diligence and intentionality on their part. There are lots of simple ways for homeowners to reduce their monthly energy usage through managing phantom loads in their home, insulating their home better, and other things related to pursuing a Net Zero Home. 

Are You Interested In Solar Panels In Lititz PA? 

Belmont Solar has been helping people all over Lancaster, Chester, York, Delaware, and Berks Counties in PA reduce or eliminate their monthly electricity bills for 20 years. If you find yourself within our service areas and are curious about going solar don’t hesitate to contact us today. You can also use our free solar cost calculator to get a very accurate estimate of what solar panels could cost you based on your monthly electricity bills. Try out our solar panel cost calculator and contacts us to get started today.