Solar With Battery Backup In Pottstown PA

Solar With Battery Backup In Pottstown PA

Pottstown Pennsylvania is one of the many small towns Belmont Solar serves within our service area. We have been serving homeowners and businesses alike for more than 20 years by helping them make the switch to solar. 

We helped this homeowner choose, design, and install a 12.21-kilowatt grid-tied with battery backup solar system in Pottstown PA. We evaluated things like their annual energy usage, the amount of shading their roof experiences throughout the day, how the surfaces of the roof are positioned in relation to the sun’s path in the sky every day, and the square footage available on the roof for solar panels. All these considerations were taken into account during the design phase of the solar installation.

Pottstown Grid Tied Solar With Battery Backup Overview 

As we mentioned this system is 12.21 kW in size, is roof-mounted, and features a 10 kWh solar battery for emergency power outages. It consists of 33 Sil Fab 370-watt solar panels and 2 SolarEdge inverters to handle all of the power the panels will produce. 

Based on the customer’s yearly energy usage this system will actually generate more power than they will need throughout the year. It is rated officially to produce 140% of the power they will need which means they will be generating plenty to keep their battery charged and still have extra to supply to their neighbors around them. 

Grid Tied System Specs:

Tough Trac Mounting For Pottstown PA Solar Panels 

As with all of our solar installations we used Tough Trac to mount the solar panels on this homeowner’s roof. The reason for this is Tough Trac’s superior wire management system that provides concealment and protection of the solar wiring. This means that they will be better protected from the Pennsylvania seasons and the changes in weather that come with it. Also, little animals are not able to chew or pull on the wires when safely tucked away inside the Tough Trac wire channels. Lastly, the appearance of the solar installation is much neater because there are virtually no visible wires. 

Pottstown PA Solar System SREC Production

Will this grid-tied solar installation in Pottstown Pa produce solar renewable energy credits? Absolutely! Even though it has a solar battery as a backup this system is still connected to the power grid and it will still generate SRECs for the homeowner to sell on the SREC trading market. 

Solar renewable energy credits are created every time a solar panel array that is connected to the power grid generates 1,000-kilowatt hours of power. Each SREC that is generated can be sold on the trading market either by the homeowner or by a broker.

This system is expected to produce more than 14,000 kilowatt hours each year over the course of its life of the system. This means that every year it will generate 14 SRECs. Based on current Pennsylvania SREC values this homeowner should earn more than $500 each year in SREC revenue.

Pottstown PA Solar Financial Benefits Over Time

Let’s do some fun math! This grid-tied solar installation in Pottstown is providing a 140% offset of their yearly electricity bills. This means that the solar panels, over the course of the year will produce almost one and a half times the amount of solar power they need to power their home. So, instead of spending roughly $1,500 a year on electricity as they have been, they will be saving $1,500 a year on electricity because their solar installation will provide all of it! 

Now, in addition to completely eliminating their electricity bills, their system will also be generating solar renewable energy credits, one SREC for every 1,000-kilowatt hours produced. Their system is rated to produce 14,700-kilowatt hours of power over the course of a year. This means they will have 14 SRECs to trade on the market for money every year. 

Current PA SRECs are valued at around $40 apiece. That means they can easily expect $550 of profit from the SRECs their solar system generates. Let’s say (conservatively) that their solar panels produce for 25 years, at the current SREC value they will profit $13,750 just from their solar panels doing what they’re supposed to do! 

And let’s say that they pay their system off in 12 years so for 13 years after they will have no payments and no electricity bills. Effectively saving them $19,175 over the 13 years of payment-free solar power production. 

Combining the SREC revenue and their savings gives us a rough estimate total of $32,925 over the next 25 years that these homeowners will now have at their disposal for other things! What would you do with $32,925 back in your budget over the next 25 years? 

Go Solar In Pottstown Pennsylvania 

If you happen to live in or around Pottstown or within our other service areas contact us today to begin a conversation about going solar. You never know how much you could benefit the environment and financially by choosing solar over traditional electricity. Belmont Solar takes special care in the design of every solar array to ensure that our customer’s needs are met. Don’t wait any longer, call us or fill out a form today to find out what your solar possibilities could be!