National Solar Appreciation Day!

March 10th is National Solar Appreciation Day and this year we have all sorts of reasons to celebrate! Solar appreciation day is an international and national day to celebrate energy independence and sustainability. This day was founded in 2009 and this year we can celebrate the 10-year anniversary.

Energy independence is possible in a world where the cost of electricity is on the rise and big oil companies are getting away with making huge profits of your dime. The average residential solar system that Belmont Solar provides for our customers is about the equivalent of 6,200 trees planted, 50 vehicles off the road, and about 560 barrels of oil not consumed over a 30 year period.

Solar isn’t just an environmental saver in its green energy, but the green also extends to your wallet. The energy savings of solar power can pay your loan payments, and/or pay you back your investment. It is one type of home improvement that will pay for itself, and protect you from the rising cost of energy at the same time.

This year is the year for the full 26% tax credit. That means that this is the year to get the most of your Solar Savings. This tax credit gives you 26% back in your next tax refund of what you spent on Solar.

Belmont Solar works with you to make a custom Solar and energy plan that fits you and your goals. Getting a quote is free and easy, and financing is available. Isn’t it time to discover what the sun can do for you?