Lincoln University Solar Panel Installation

Large Grid-Tied Solar Panel Installation In Lincoln University

Belmont Solar was honored to complete this Lincoln University solar panel installation for these homeowners. This is a large grid-tied solar panel system that was designed by Belmont to completely eliminate their electricity bills and provide some extra power for others. 

Grid-tied solar systems, depending on the size of the installation, offset or completely eliminate a homeowner’s electricity bills based on how much solar power is generated by the panels. If the solar installation generates enough power to cover the kilowatt hours used by the home each month then any extra power that is left over is sent out to the power grid for others to use.

Based on the homeowner’s yearly kilowatt-hour consumption, this system will generate 100% of those kilowatt hours as well as approximately 8% extra power generated over the course of the year. That means that their monthly electricity bills will be completely covered by the power generated by the solar panels!

Lincoln University Solar Panel Installation Details 

For this solar installation, we used panels from Winaico. There are a total of 47 Gemini solar panels on their roof spaced out on 2 roof surfaces. We used Belmont Solar’s Tough Trac mounting system to secure the panels to the roof and manage all of the wires safely inside the Tough Trac railing. This provides for a very clean and neat system appearance and protects the wires over the life of the system. 

The size of the system required 2 SolarEdge 7.6 Inverters. Installed beside the 2 inverters is the production meter. This is a 17.63 kilowatt grid-tied solar system. Because of this robust system, the homeowners will enjoy many years of solar power without paying a dime to PECO to power their homes and lives. 

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How Much Would A Solar Installation Cost You?

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