Grid Tied Solar System In Mohnton PA

Home Grid Tied Solar System In Mohnton PA

Many homeowners are looking for a cheaper energy source. At Belmont Solar, we are dedicated to bringing solar power to each one of our customers as a cheaper energy solution. If you are looking to install a solar power setup at your home, the project that we installed in Mohnton PA is an excellent one to explore to see your options. Featured on this page, this system required 46 individual panels and 2 solar inverters to handle the power production it is rated to produce. Although the house had a steep roof pitch, we were able to bring a cheaper energy source to these people.

What Is A Grid Tied Solar System?

A grid-tied solar system is a solar power setup that is also connected to the electrical grid. Sometimes, people think of a solar setup as an off-grid application; however, many times, a solar system is used alongside the electrical grid. 

With a grid-tied solar system, your house uses the electricity created from the solar panels while the sun is out. If your system makes more electricity than you need, the excess is sent onto the grid for others to use, and you receive credits for it. During the evening, when your panels are not producing, you can pull from the electric grid using your credits. This type of setup is an efficient way to power your house without needing a battery bank.

For more information on how these systems work, read our article on “Grid Tied Solar Setup | Ultimate Guide”. We offer a number of PA Solar Packages to provide a solar solution for every scenario, including Systems with Battery Backup and Off-Grid Systems.

Grid Tied Solar System In Mohnton PA | Full Specs

This solar installation is a 20 kilowatt system which is larger than Belmont Solar’s average PA residential installation size. For this house, it will take care of around 85-90% of their energy use. For many homes, a system this size would supply enough energy to cover 100% of the energy needs. Below are some of the specs of the system you see in the pictures on this page.

Grid Tied Solar System in Mohnton Specs

Grid Tied Solar System In Mohnton PA | Photo Gallery

Below is a gallery showing pictures of the grid-tied solar system in Mohnton PA. We hope that this can give you an idea of what your solar project would look like and the possibilities that you have in your backyard. Discover the potential that your home has while viewing this system or our other completed projects.

Tough Trac Mounting System

Our Tough Trac mounting system is just one of the things that sets us apart from our competitors. When using Tough Trac, you don’t have to worry about bowed rafters and uneven roofing; additionally, Tough Trac also reduces clutter and protects the wiring. Our mounting system brings you the best that the industry can offer. 

In the images, you can see what our Tough Trac mounting system looks like. This specialized mounting system comes standard with all of our solar installations and is a significant upgrade from any other mounting system used by other solar panel installers.

Can I Run My Whole House With My Solar Setup?

You can easily run an entire house with a solar panel setup. For most households, a 20-watt grid-tied solar system like the one we installed in Mohnton will cover most or all of your electricity during the daytime, even at peak usage. At nighttime, when the solar system is not able to produce, you are still dependent upon the grid for your electrical energy.   

This is why many people go with a grid-tied solar system with a battery backup. During the day, the solar panels will power the home and charge your battery bank with the excess energy. At nighttime, your home can pull from the battery bank to run your house. The only time that you will need to pull from the grid is during times of extremely high usage or weeks that are very cloudy. With a battery backup, you can be virtually independent of the grid even though you are not off-grid!

 If you would like more reading on solar power topics, check out some of our educational content such as “Net Zero Home” and “How To Make Money With Solar in PA“.

How Much Does A Grid Tied Solar System Cost?

Most of the solar systems that we install for homes cost between $20,000 and $30,000, depending on the size and design of the application. These systems tend to last around 20-25 years. If you get a smaller solar system that only runs part of your household needs, the cost will be lower than that. We have a solar panel cost calculator that can give you an estimate of what it would take to add a solar setup to your house!

Is It Worth Getting A Grid Tied Solar System?

Yes. Most solar systems will run around $20,000 to $30,000 to put in a system that lasts 20-25 years. To compare using figures from the PA DEP website, the average PA home uses 10,599 KW of electricity per year, which costs $1,558. Over 25 years, that will total $38,950 for energy consumption. 

You can save a significant amount of money by installing a solar setup. To get more exact figures for a system that would fit your home’s size, check out our page on Solar Panel Savings to see what you could save.

Can I Use Batteries With A Grid Tied Solar System?

Absolutely. Grid-tied solar systems are compatible with a battery bank if you install an inverter. When you add batteries to this system, it is called a hybrid solar setup. With batteries, you can store the extra electricity you create to use later, allowing you to only use the grid as a backup. If you have a large setup and your batteries are fully charged, you can still feed the excess electricity back into the grid for others to use. If you would like to see how much you could save with a solar setup, take a look at our solar system calculator.

At Belmont Solar, we are committed to making our customers happy! We do that by providing quality solar systems and excellent customer service. Our service area includes Central and Eastern Pa. If you have questions, we are happy to talk to you and step you through the process! We have a passion for cheap energy, and we would like to pass that passion on to you!