Savings With Solar

New solar systems last 20-25 years. Most systems pay for themselves within the first 8 years!

10-kw systemRuns Avg. Household

$25,000Avg. Price

10-12 yearPay Off Period

15-kw systemRuns Avg. Household Plus

$30,000Avg. Price

8-12 yearPay Off Period

Do Solar Panels Actually Save You Money?

Yes They Do! After the payoff period you can calculate your Return On Investment (ROI) by looking at your electricity usage. If, for example, you normally use 1,200 kWh of electricity at $0.13 per kWh, your savings are $156. That’s the money you would spend on electricity per month without solar. This $156 is the extra money that you are now pocketing and will continue to pocket, and even more, as electricity rates rise over the years.

When it comes to solar savings, traditional energy doesn’t stand a chance!

Invest in Solar Energy Now to Save Money Later!

There are multiple ways that solar energy can save you and your household in the long run. Solar panels not only save you money on energy costs by generating electricity from sunlight, but they are now also more affordable than one may think, due to subsidies and tax rebates. Not to mention, if you qualify for the USDA REAP grant, you could save up to 75% off a solar energy system for your farm!

Additionally, just by creating renewable energy you earn, so called, ‘Solar Renewable Energy Certificates’ or SREC’s, and you can turn these SREC’s into cash. Solar Renewable Energy Certificates (SREC’s) are a tradable commodity. The homeowner earns one SREC for every 1000 kWh produced and is able to sell these certificates to the SREC state market by registering their system with the state market. Once registered, it is automatic, as your inverter will relay the kWh you produced to the state. So sit back and relax, and see the money coming into your bank account.