Lithium LiFe Solar Batteries

Evolve your Solar System Battery performance with Lithium LiFe Solar Batteries. LiFe Solar Batteries bring advanced features to the solar battery world in Pennsylvania and Maryland. LiFe batteries feature an advanced multi-tier communication system that monitors the cell level, real-time state of the battery’s charge, battery temperature, cycles, and current tracking.

The LiFe Lithium Solar Battery is evolved for the future and it’s for this reason that Belmont Solar has begun incorporating these advanced batteries into off-grid and battery backup solar installations.

Let’s learn more about why the LIFE Lithium Batteries are cutting-edge solar technology worth getting excited about.

LiFe Solar Batteries Available In 4 Sizes:

The LiFe solar batteries come in 4 different sizes to fit your solar application needs. 

If you are looking for a small-scale solar bank then the LiFe 12.8V 300AH battery would be right for you. Important to remember that this small battery is perfect for 400-800W of solar power and does not come with the communication options that the larger batteries do.

If you have or want to have a mid-sized solar installation then the LiFe 25.6V 150AH is the battery size for you. A battery bank comprised of the LB-25.6-150 is perfect for the medium-sized system with DC lights connected to it. 

The next battery size up in the LiFe solar battery lineup is the LiFe 51.2V 75AH. This battery is big and brings a lot to the table. You can easily scale this model to create a large battery bank using the E-Rack system from LiFe Lithium Solar Batteries. 

The largest Lithium solar battery from LiFe is the 51.2V 150AH. This battery is large and in charge compared to the other LiFe battery options. Each one of the 150AHs can store 7.6 kilowatt hours of power! We offer a special racking system (upon request) for these larger solar batteries. If you would like to use the custom racking system then you can stack up to 8 LiFe batteries on one rack.

Benefits Of The Lithium LiFe Solar Batteries:

Brand New Battery Management Software

Excluding the LB12-300, all LiFe batteries are made with their own, proprietary battery management software (BMS) built in. The LiFe BMS features smart data collection pertaining to your solar panel system’s performance and can be connected to a computer monitor or the 6” Custom Monitoring Screen from LiFe. 

LiFe Solar Battery Monitoring Screen 

The LiFe battery management system would be worthless without a way to see your solar system’s performance in real-time, that’s where the solar battery monitoring screen comes in. Choosing a custom monitoring screen from LiFe to pair with your solar batteries will allow you to see how full or empty your solar batteries are, how much charge is remaining when being used and other helpful information. 

Multi-Level Safety Features 

  • Overcharge and Deep Discharge (Overall and Cell Level) 
  • Overcurrent Charge and Discharge 
  • Mosfet Over and Under Temperature 
  • Cell Over and Under Temperature 
  • Short Circuit 
  • Cell Balancing (Only needed towards the end of the unit’s life)

Important Monitoring Capabilities 

The monitoring of these important parameters is made possible by LiFe’s BMS, you can monitor all these things without a smartphone app or computer if you choose to go with the 6” Monitoring LCD. 

  • Cycle Tracking
  • Real-Time % Readings
  • Time Until Empty 
  • Time Until Full 
  • Fault Detection and Awareness 
  • Mosfet State On/Off
  • Individual Cell Group Voltages 
  • Design Capacity 
  • Remaining Usage Capacity 

Is Solar With Battery Backup Right For You?

Choosing to add solar batteries to your solar system is not the right choice for everyone. We have additional information on hybrid solar systems and solar battery backup to help you make an informed decision. One of the biggest solar battery misconceptions is that when you are using your solar batteries because of a power outage or bad storm you can run everything in your home like you normally would, this is not the case.

Hybrid solar systems with battery backup are designed to operate your critical loads, the most important things you need in a time of crisis. It is not for continuing your 21st Century-style living during an emergency. Having the right expectations around solar batteries is important. Contact us today with more questions about solar power and battery backup!