Shad Scarborough

Worked with Mike Weaver, great guy and great to work with. We finally picked Belmont Solar after talking to a couple others and Mike definitely was a deciding factor for us. The system seemed to fit our needs and were really looking forward to working with Mike and the Belmont team. We gave our deposit to Mike and started the process. Then about a week into the process we decided to hold off and asked for our deposit back due to arising financial costs in other areas of our farm. We emailed Mike with our questions about getting our deposit and it was discussed that this was new for him and he’d get back to me. He did rather quick and we were told that they can not give any of our deposit back. The check had just been cashed two days prior to our asking for the deposit back. We totally understand as a company that you need to get your money for any costs but we have had a few successful companies in the past and if there were any concerns from our customers or clients and they needed to step back or out of an agreement we would always honor that somehow. With it only being a week into our initial agreement we did not think it was fair on there end to keep our entire deposit. So we are upset and glad that we did not go any farther with them. Definitely not a company that we want to work with if anything changes for us in the near future.