Google Review

I interviewed several national solar companies looking for the best way to affordably install solar on my house. One told me to remove eleven trees, then they might consider looking at my house. Another offered to share fifteen dollars a month of the savings, if I paid one hundred a month for the privilege. Huh???

Finally a friend suggested Belmont Solar. My first call to Ben Zook put me totally at ease, there was no pressure but much professionalism and incredible knowledge. He quoted me not one or two options, but four. Contrary to one review here, he understood my budget and respected it without a second thought. He is a man of great integrity, you will find out for yourself. I can’t help but laugh at the negative reviews below. He “threatened” me too, why, he even showed up in my yard personally to resolve an unforeseen issue, at no charge. Such a ‘troublemaker’, LOL. He’s a very kind and honest man, period.

Long story short, Isaac and Jonathon came from Belmont for the installation, were perfect gentlemen and extremely helpful and clearly very skilled, and a year later I already have forty percent of my investment back in my bank account. It pays back that fast! I’m already saving my dollars to make my system bigger and would not dream of anyone but Ben and the Belmont team…. and I’m in New England!

Go with the best, Belmont Solar, and trust me when I say it’s smart to go solar. You won’t regret it, I sure don’t. You can totally trust Ben and his team, I’ll never have it any other way. I’m Bill Dudley, Foxboro, Mass., and I give you my word.