Fortress Power LFP Battery Banks: Why We Use Them

Innovation is key in the solar industry and The Fortress Power lithium ferrite phosphate (LFP) battery bank is the latest addition to the wide array of innovative solar energy equipment we offer.

When compared to lead-acid batteries, and gas-generators, the LFP battery bank doesn’t expose the environment, or your family, to harmful gases or chemicals.

A Better Battery Backup Solution for Off-Grid and Hybrid Systems

Battery banks for off-grid and hybrid systems are not new, but the type of battery you choose impacts the overall efficiency of your system.

The Fortress Power LFP battery bank improves efficiency, via storage capacity and power output, and is safer for off-grid and hybrid systems.

Here are a few reasons why we like this battery bank:

  • LFP batteries will not explode or catch fire because they use stable chemical compounds.
  • LFP batteries have been proven to be longer lasting and greener than lead-acid batteries without sacrificing power or reliability
  • Grant a 100% depth of discharge whereas lead-acid batteries only offer a 50% depth of discharge.
  • LFP batteries cost less per cycle.
  • LFP battery banks will give you more reliable power that is less wasteful and less harmful to the environment than lead-acid batteries.

Plus, it’s a nice looking battery!

We also like the aesthetics of the Fortress Battery. It has a clean-looking white metal case and looks good even when installed on a wall.

Traditionally, batteries and battery banks are a secondary amenity for solar power systems. This is largely because most solar power installations are grid-tied systems, where having a battery backup isn’t necessary.

A large portion of system efficiency for off-grid and hybrid solar energy systems is consumed by the battery bank being utilized.

Off-Grid System:
Solar panel array collects energy from the sun and converts that energy to consumable power for your appliances. During the day, power is supplied to your home and appliances from your solar array while at the same time the battery bank is being charged with excess power. When the sun is no longer supplying energy, your charged battery bank will take over and continue to supply your home and appliances with power.

Hybrid System:
Solar panel array collects energy from the sun and converts that energy to consumable power for your appliances. Power not being consumed or stored in the battery bank gets directed back onto your local grid which has the potential to offset your cost of consumed grid power that your system will rely upon when the solar panel array is not collecting sunlight. Furthermore, if the grid fails, your battery bank can continue to supply your appliances with power from its charged cells.

We Do Things Differently at Belmont Solar

If you’re reading this blog post, you’re probably not the average solar power consumer looking for a traditional, grid-tied system.

Our specialization in remote and off-grid systems means that we not only want to inform our customers why our services and materials are different, but it is our responsibility to inform you of these differences – that’s why we share information like this on our website.

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