Are Solar Panels Dangerous? Top 10 Solar Panel Safety Questions Answered!

Are solar panels dangerous? It’s a good question to ask! Things like electricity and technology advancements can bring lots of questions about safety and security. We’re tackling 10 of the most asked solar safety questions because we get these questions all the time and they’re worth answering. If you want to know whether or not solar is linked to cancer and other health problems or if solar panels cause house fires or if solar panels are safe to touch then you’ve come to the right place.

Chapter 4:

Do Solar Panels Cause Health Problems?

are solar panels dangerous do solar panels cause health problems
Chapter 5:

Do Solar Panels Cause Autoimmune Disease?

are solar panels dangerous do solar panels cause autoimmune disease
Chapter 6

Are Solar Panels Safe To Touch?

are solar panels dangerous are solar panels safe to touch
Chapter 7:

Do Solar Panels Cause Fires?

are solar panels dangerous do solar panels cause fires
Chapter 8:

Are Solar Panels Safe For Your Roof?

are solar panels dangerous are solar panels safe for your roof
Chapter 9:

Will Solar Panels Collapse My Roof?

are solar panels dangerous will solar panels collapse my roof
Chapter 10:

Are Solar Panels Safe For The Environment

are solar panels dangerous

We want to be crystal clear that these answers are contingent on 3 very important factors. There are always exceptions to the rule and always fluke happenings that nobody expects. All that being said, these points are important to remember as we consider the above safety-related questions about whether or not solar panels are safe.

High Quality Solar Panels and Installation Materials

Belmont Solar is highly selective with what brands we choose to advocate for and install. We only use the highest quality materials and best-rated brands for our customers. Manufacturers of the products and parts we install offer 25 years of warranty coverage, name any other industry where you can find that kind of assurance!

Whether we’re installing a grid-tied solar system for a homeowner or designing an off-grid system for a larger application we are careful to only use the most reliable and trusted materials in the industry. We keep our customers safe with correct installations and tested materials.


The success of Belmont Solar is mainly based on the unique combination of old-fashioned workmanship and new technology. The owner’s strong passion for technology, innovation, and education has led him to form a team of talented individuals. Each team member brings experience, skill, and honesty to every project, helping you turn your energy bills into equity. 

Correct Use of Solar System

Next to a high-quality installation and reliable products, there are 3 more things to be aware of once your solar panel system is active and working.

  1. Keep your inverter cool by making sure it has room around it to breathe. So keep the space around the inverter is tidy and clean.
  2. Do not make adjustments to your solar system by yourself. You risk an accident or damage to your equipment.
  3. Be extra cautious when renovating anywhere near your solar installation. When in doubt, contact your solar panel installer. If we installed your solar system for you we will help you devise a safe way to perform your renovations.