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We are passionate about educating our customers with the science, technology, and benefits of solar energy production. That’s why we’ve created informative videos, helpful guides, brochures, answers to FAQs, and blog posts to help you make an informed decision as you consider solar.

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What Are the Different Kinds of Solar Panel Systems?

Reliability applies very much to a solar panel system that’s tied into the power grid. Peace of mind is added when it is a hybrid solar panel system (grid-interactive system), as it will supply power automatically, even when the electric grid is down. Off-grid solar panel systems offer convenience, especially when the other options might be to operate a generator, or to do without electricity.

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Guides to Switching to Solar

How to Choose a Trusted Solar Installer

As you start researching different solar installers in PA, here’s some advice for finding the right one for your project.
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5 Myths about Solar for Your Home

Do you still believe these 5 myths about solar? Learn how easy & affordable it can be to switch to solar.
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Solar Panel System Battery Maintenance

Properly maintaining your batteries for your off-grid or grid-interactive solar system is important to the system’s overall health and performance. Here’s our tips for keeping your batteries fresh.

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