Shield your family from RF (Radio Frequency) radiation


Radiation that comes from electromagnetic fields (EMF) is a constantly growing problem in our tech-first world. Cell phones, Wi-Fi, wireless phones, Bluetooth devices, and other technologies are putting EMF radiation into the air – without us fully knowing how they affect us.

Whether you have health concerns or just don’t want to expose your family to these types of radiation, the team at Belmont Solar wants to help you remove unnecessary EMF signals from your home and property.

We can perform an EMF audit to find sources of radiation within your home or on your property. Once identified, our team can remove the emitting devices with better options or provide EMF shielding to keep the radiation contained.

Sleep better at night knowing that your family is protected with EMF remediation from Belmont Solar.



Communities across the United States are now requiring utility companies to implement smart meters. These devices, which is constantly measuring your household’s energy usage and reporting it back to the utility, is an invasion of privacy to many. What’s to stop the company from controlling your power usage and availability? Moreover, if this technology got in the wrong hands, it could be misused or maliciously used.

For families who want to take back their privacy and power security, Belmont Solar is here to help. An off-grid solar array – complete with solar battery storage – is the preferred way to gain independence from smart meters and the utility companies that don’t care about your privacy.

Contact Belmont Solar today to see what life, without the side effects of a smart meter looks like.

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