Beyond the Dollar Value of Solar

Solar energy has a large impact on the family, community, and the environment (larger than you might think).  Solar panel savings go far beyond the dollar value of solar. Providing a renewable, clean source of power that comes from the sun that doesn’t take from the environment but gives back is one of the great benefits of solar energy.

Aside from the financial incentives of switching to solar, here are some environmental reasons to source your energy needs from the sun. Solar and other renewable energy sources are on the rise big time and are growing faster that the International Energy Agency (IEA) expected. According to this report from the IEA, renewable energy sources could expand globally by as much as 50% over the next 5 years.

solar panel savings with clean energy off grid solar system

One interesting fact from the article is that even if renewable energy globally expands by 50% over the next 5 years only 6% of the available rooftops in the world will be covered with solar panels. That means the growth potential for renewable energy and increased solar panel savings is just in the beginning stages.

Solar Panel Savings: Environmental Numbers

The average solar system (according to our past customers) is usually between 20-40 panels.  This all depends on how much electricity you use and the direct amount of sunlight you are able to get in your area. Solar panel savings can be really impressive throughout the lifespan of a solar panel system. On average, our customers may have about 25 panels for a standard system. Over a 25-year period using that system instead of other sources of power is equivalent to planting 4,828 trees, 39.23 vehicles being off the road, and 437.89 barrels of oil not being consumed.  This all happens while providing the consumer with clean, renewable energy from the sun. If you have questions about solar energy or want to know more about solar energy savings or how to get started, check out our Net Zero House page and watch the video on our Net Zero Solar Power Installation post.

Solar Panel Savings: Zero Air or Noise Pollution

Unlike fossil fuels, solar systems discharge zero carbon dioxide into the air. This means solar panel savings actually creates more breathable air and results in lowered amounts of greenhouse gasses in the atmosphere. Unlike other power sources, solar has zero noise pollution. This makes solar energy an ideal power source for residential and commercial settings.

Solar Panel Savings: No Threat to Wildlife

Not just people benefit from solar panel savings. The wildlife in our world reap the benefits from cleaner living choices and natural, renewable energy. Oil spills, nuclear power, fossil fuels, polluted waters, and disputes over oil pipelines could be avoided if more solar power was utilized. All these things negatively affect our environment and the plants and animals we share the world with. Solar panel savings create positive outcomes for the wildlife we love to observe and the plants that populate our neighborhoods, backyards, and wild expanses we sometimes venture into.

The sun rises every morning and provides warm energy that can be saved in batteries for rainy days and replenished on the sunny days. The sun provides a clean, renewable energy source that gives back. Oil spills do happen and they have been known to take countless lives, hours of cleanup, and money before they’re resolved. Solar energy has yet to claim a life due to the way it provides power to people all over the world.

solar panel savings horse farm solar system

By choosing to tap into “power out of thin air” (That’s how Belmont Solar’s founder, Ben Zook likes to refer to solar energy) with a solar panel system not only can you experience all the different forms of solar panel savings but you can also have a positive impact on the environment.

Solar Panel Savings: Take Advantage Of Sunny Days

In the solar energy world we call warm sunny days (or cold sunny days for that matter) “solar energy spills” because it’s like the sun is “spilling out” extra energy. It’s an awesome feeling to be out on a hike or playing in the yard with your kids on a sunny day and know that you’re also collecting clean, renewable energy to provide for you.  It never hurts to see what kind of solar panel savings potential your rooftop or an unused part of your land could provide if you installed a solar panel system while cleaning up our environment. Belmont Solar offers free quotes and insight to how you can make a difference in your community. Contact us today to find out what your best options for solar panel savings are, we’ll even design a custom system to fit your specific needs. We can make the world better together, one rooftop at a time.

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