Beyond the Dollar Value of Solar

Solar energy has a large impact on family, community, and the environment.  Providing a renewable clean source of power that comes from a renewable source that doesn’t take from the environment but gives back by replacing bad with the good. Aside from the financial incentives of switching to solar, here are some environmental reasons to source your energy needs from the sun. Solar and other renewable energy sources are on the rise big time and grows faster that the IEA expected. Renewable energy grows faster than expected

Solar’s Environmental Impact: By The Numbers

The average solar system according to our past customers is usually between 20-40 panels.  This all depends on how much electric you use, and the direct amount of sunlight you are able to get in your area.  On average our customers may have about 25 panels, making it equal to planting 4,828 trees, 39.23 vehicles being off the road and 437.89 barrels of oil not being consumed over a 25-year period.  This all happens while providing the consumer with clean, renewable energy.

Solar Has Zero Air or Noise Pollution

Unlike fossil fuels, solar discharges zero carbon dioxide into the air. This means solar helps create more breathable air and results in lowered amounts of greenhouse gasses in the atmosphere. Unlike other power sources, solar has zero noise pollution. This makes it the perfect method to owning your own power source in residential and commercial settings.

Solar Poses No Threat to Wildlife

Not just people benefit from solar energy. The wildlife reaps the benefits from a cleaner living. Oil spills, nuclear power, fossil fuels, polluted waters, and disputes over oil pipelines could be avoided if more solar power was utilized.

The sun rises every morning and provides power that can be saved in batteries for rainy days and replenished on the sunny days. The sun provides a clean renewable energy source that gives back. Oil spills do happen and they have been known to take countless lives, hours of cleanup, and money before it’s fixed. Solar has yet to claim a life due to the way it provides energy.

Enjoy Sunny Days More With A Solar Array

When there’s a solar energy spill most people call it a nice day. Have you ever complained about a nice sunny day?  It never hurts to see what your rooftop or an unused part of your land could provide you with for power while cleaning up our environment. Belmont Solar offers free quotes and insight to how you can make a difference in your community. Contact us to schedule your free consultation.