3 Ways You Can Stop Smart Meter Radiation

We’re going to talk about 3 effective ways you can stop smart meter radiation in your home. First we’ll look at what smart meters do and the health concerns.


A smart meter is typically installed by your power company to record your power, water, or gas usage. Oftentimes the installation of a smart meter at your home is not optional. They use frequent, short bursts of radio frequency to report on the energy consumption of your home.

Smart meters were introduced to the United States back in 2006. More and more power companies have been installing smart meters to replace regular meters in homes across the country.

From one perspective, smart meters seem like an improvement. No longer do meters need to be read by individuals, they can simply transmit information back to the utility companies using radio frequency technology. However, there is a potential negative to smart meters that you should be aware of

Smart Meter Health Concerns

There have been concerns about health safety for people whose water and power are being monitored by a smart meter. This is because smart meters send radio frequency signals back to the power company giving real-time pictures of your power consumption. Some people are concerned that the tiny bursts of radiofrequency could cause cancer or other health complications over time.

There haven’t been any formal health studies on how smart meters affect the customers of the homes they’re monitoring. We are constantly being bombarded with electromagnetic fields from our cell phones, wireless telephones, wifi routers, microwaves, and other electronics and appliances. We are not sure how these radio frequencies interact with our bodies. That is where a lot of the concern comes in with these smart meters and their use of electromagnetic fields (EMF) to transmit information back to the power companies.

If these things concern you, here are 3 ways to stop your smart meter from transmitting potentially harmful radio frequencies.

3 Ways To Stop Smart Meter Radiation

1. EMF Filtering (Electromagnetic Filtering)

Like we mentioned earlier, there have not been any formal tests done to certify that the electromagnetic fields created by these smart meters are completely safe. At Belmont Solar, we want to help you keep your family and your privacy secure by providing solutions to the smart meter issue. The bottom line is that these frequencies could be harmful and it isn’t impossible or even that difficult to eliminate them

We can test for electromagnetic radiation sources in your home. If we detect anything that is out of the ordinary or above safe levels we can remove the device altogether or we can install shielding that will prevent the EMF from reaching you in your home. EMF filtering is a common, popular way people are choosing to protect their homes and their health from unwanted electromagnetic exposure.

2. Time-of-day Smart Meter Disconnection

Backup batteries for a residential solar panel system.

You can get a system from us that can be programmed to disconnect your smart meter periodically throughout the day. Our system will stop your smart meter from transmitting the radio frequencies at different times of the day. During these times your house could be powered by solar energy stored in a battery backup. This would be a step away from total dependence on the utility company for your electricity, heating, and water. You could seriously limit the exposure your family has to the electromagnetic field created by your smart meter by switching to solar power throughout the day. 

3. Going Off Grid From Your Smart Meter

Your third option for getting rid of your smart meter and the potentially harmful radio frequencies it uses to transmit information back to the power company is to completely go off-grid. Each off-grid solar system from Belmont Solar is custom designed for you to meet your specific needs. We would be happy to come out and give you a free consultation based on your needs and energy usage.

solar panel pictures off grid solar panel installation pa

During the day our solar panels can provide you with clean, independent energy while at the same time charging a bank of batteries. After the sun goes down those batteries will provide you with electricity throughout the night.

Going completely off the grid is definitely the most extreme solution option for you but some people love it. They love the idea of being completely independent of a power company and relying on the sun’s clean, renewable energy.

In Summary: Your 3 Ways To Stop Smart Meter Radiation

If you are worried about your smart meter and the effects it could have on your family or your privacy, then we’re here to help. We would love to meet you and give you a free solar consultation and talk about your options.

  1. EMF filtering 
  2. Time-of-day smart meter disconnection 
  3. Going off grid 

We will help you figure out which solution could be the best for you to stop smart meter radiation. Belmont Solar is here for you, call or contact us through the website today and we can get the conversation started.