5 Myths About Solar Energy for Your Home

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As solar gains more popularity in the United States, it is surprising to hear how many myths and misconceptions people still believe about solar energy. Here are some of the more common myths we hear about solar, along with the truth.

  • Myth #1 : Solar Doesn’t Work in Certain Climates

    Some people think that solar doesn’t work here in southeastern Pennsylvania, and that you need a desert environment to generate electricity from the sun. The reality is that solar technology has developed to the point where you can generate solar energy most anywhere in the United States. So long as you have a relatively sunny climate, with a southward facing roof or property, we can install panels that will produce clean, free energy.

  • Myth #2 : Solar Lowers the Value of Your Home

    Some people think that adding solar to your home’s roof is a detriment to the resale value. The truth is that a solar installation adds an average of $15,000 to the value of your home, and will be a unique selling feature for green-focused prospective buyers.

  • Myth #3 : Only Homeowners can Enjoy Solar

    Thanks to community solar projects and forward-thinking utility companies that offer customers renewable energy options, even renters can enjoy the benefits of clean solar energy. Plus, you can always purchase a small solar kit to produce solar power without a permanent installation.

  • Myth #4 : Solar is Expensive

    While there is a substantial investment for most solar installations, government subsidies, tax credits, and incentives significantly reduce the upfront costs of a solar panel system. And if you qualify for the USDA REAP grant, you can save up to 75% off a system for your farm!

  • Myth #5 : Solar Won’t Save You Money

    Installing solar panels on your home will greatly reduce your monthly utility bill. And while your financing plan may include a monthly payment, this combined with your new utility bill will still be less than your current monthly bill.

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