PA Solar Resources


We are passionate about educating our customers about the science, technology, and benefits of solar energy. That’s why we’ve created informative videos, helpful guides, brochures, answers to FAQs, and blog posts to help you make an informed decision as you consider solar. Belmont Solar is your guide for PA solar resources! You can learn even more about going solar in our solar learning center.

For specific solar panel resource questions or to see if your home is a good candidate for a solar installation, schedule a free consultation with Belmont Solar.


As you start researching different solar installers in Pennsylvania and Maryland, here’s some advice for finding the right one for your project. You want to make sure that you are working with a solar company that takes all of your energy needs into consideration and provides the best solution possible.

Check out this video to understand how Belmont Solar takes all the guesswork out of going solar!

How To Choose A Solar Installer

How do you choose a solar installation company and trust them? Here is helpful information for you!

Online Solar Calculator

New solar systems will last you 20-30 years. Most systems pay for themselves within the first 8 years!

Want To Know How Much A PA Solar System Will Cost?

A more recent PA solar resources added to the website is Belmont’s solar panel cost calculator. All you have to do is select your monthly electricity bill cost on the calculator and we do the rest. You can see immediately what a solar panel system would cost you if you wanted to eliminate your monthly energy bills. You can also see what the cost would be if you upgraded to a solar system with battery backup!