Solar Jobs Listing

The following is a list of solar job opportunities that we have at Belmont Solar. If you find a job listing that interests you, please click the “Apply Now” button to begin the application process. As always, if you need further information or details about any of our solar job openings, please let us know!

Start a solar job as a Belmont solar consultant.

Sales / Consulting / Customer Service

Belmont Solar is seeking an experienced and results-driven salesperson to join our energetic team. This position is responsible for providing appropriate product solutions to our customers and helping them through the purchase flow from start to finish. Next to great teamwork and company profitability, customer care will be of highest priority.

Begin a solar job as a solar pv installer.

Solar PV Installer

Belmont Solar is seeking an energetic individual to join our team full-time as a Solar PV Installer. This position will involve tasks such as prepping the roof or ground mount site; running wires; installing rails and solar panels; connecting meters, inverters, disconnects, panels, and routers; meeting with inspectors; and so much more.