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Amidst the rising energy costs, one source of electricity remains free: the sun. Harness the power of solar energy with a solar power system installed by Belmont Solar. Whether you are looking to reduce your monthly energy bill, limit your impact on the environment, or provide electric to a place the utility company does not serve, we can create a custom solar solution to meet your needs.

We’re an Efficient Contractor with Deep Expertise

Homeowners in PA, DE, and MD have chosen Belmont Solar as their trusted solar panel installer. As a NABCEP-certified solar panel contractor, we rely on the industry’s best practices and our team’s technical knowledge to design and install an efficient system.

solar panel installation
We can design and install an efficient solar array for your home or cabin.


Our Solar Panel Installation Services


Enjoy power with a solar system connected to a bank of batteries. Perfect for cabins, garages, and locations not served by a utility company.

Off Grid Solar Installation »


Connect to the grid to earn money from and sell excess energy to your local utility company. The most common choice for homeowners.

Grid-Tied Solar Installation »

Grid-Tied With Backup

Also known as a hybrid solar array, this system relies on a connection to the grid and solar battery storage for an uninterrupted power supply.

Hybrid Solar Installation »


Our Process

  1. Free Solar Consultation. Over the phone, one of our solar consultants will discus your goals and needs for a solar array. Based on your address, your energy needs, and our specialized software, we can determine the size and type of solar panel system that will work best for your location.
  2. Proposal and Signed Contract. Within a day of our phone call, you will receive a link to an online proposal. This will detail the project, including a breakdown of the costs, estimated payback of the system, and tentative schedule for installation. An electronic signature and down payment is all you need to get the project started.
  3. Permits and Installation. We’ll work with your local officials to ensure all applications and permits are filed. When everything’s ready, our team will install the solar panels on your home, make the necessary connections to your home and (if necessary) the grid, and ensure that power is being generated and the system is functioning as it should.

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Additional Energy Services

  • New System Installation
  • Expanding Existing Solar Arrays
  • Commercial & Residential Solar Arrays
  • System Diagnosing
  • Service Calls
  • Electrical Work

Brands We Carry

Brands We Carry

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