Solar Panels, Parts, & Products

In addition to designing and installing complete solar arrays, we sell solar panel kits, solar array parts, and appliances designed to run on solar power. So whether you are looking to install solar panels yourself or fix an existing system, we have the equipment and components you need.

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DIY Solar Panel Kits

Are you looking for a small solar panel system you can install yourself? A Solar Panel Kit from Belmont Solar comes with everything you need to generate energy from the sun — with a hassle-free installation.

Replace the loud, dirty diesel generator with the clean power of solar energy. Plus, aside from the initial cost of the kit, there is no fuel to purchase; so you will be generating free electricity for years to come.

We’ve designed these kits to make them simple to install in a variety of settings, including: cabins, out buildings, farms, pump houses, garage workshops, signs, and Plain community homes. Ranging in sizes from 20-230 watts, you can find the kit that meets your energy needs.


Each kit comes with:

  • Solar Module
  • Charge Controller
  • Roof Mounting Brackets
  • 30ft of Wire
  • Hardware
  • Fuse & Fuseholder
  • Installation Instructions
  • Battery Chart
Need help installing your solar panel system?
Give us a call. We can provide guidance over the phone or even come to your location and install the system for you.


What can a DIY solar panel kit power?

Our kits are designed to be flexible enough to work in a variety of applications, and can be used to run chargers, pumps, lighting, motors, and even appliances.

Keep in mind that these solar arrays output to DC power, rather than the AC power provided by a utility company, so you will need special motors or appliances that run off of DC power.

Below are the different kits based on output, along with a suggestion of what each can run:

20W Kit

  • Small Fence Energizer
  • or Battery Maintainer

50W Kit

  • Small DC Fan
  • or a Couple LED Bulbs

80W Kit

  • Water System
  • or 12v Carriage Battery

140W Kit

  • DC Wringer Washing Machine
  • or 2 Dewalt Batteries a day

210W Kit

  • Small Freezer
  • or 4 Dewalt Batteries a day

280W Kit

  • Large Freezer
  • or Staber Washing Machine


Order a Solar Panel Kit Today

Solar kits are available for pickup from our Gordonville, PA office. Nationwide delivery is also available for most kits.

To order a DIY solar kit for your home, cabin, or farm, give us a call at (717) 768-7796 or use our online form.




We carry a wide range of components for off-grid and grid-tied solar panel systems. From whole solar panel modules to specialty parts, we have the parts you need to repair your array or install a new one.

Can’t find what you are looking for? Need a specific part for your solar array? Contact us and we will find it for you.

Our parts include:

  • Battery Capacity Meter
  • Charge Controller
  • Solar Storage Batteries
  • Inverter
  • Electric Panel
  • Converters
  • Temperature Sensor
  • Fuses & Fuse Holder
  • Circuit Breakers
  • Wiring and Electrical Connections
  • Circulating Pump for Solar Hot Water


Brands We Carry

We carry components, parts, and controllers from the world’s leading solar manufacturers, including WINAICO, MidNite Solar, and Aquion Energy.

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For off-grid solar installations (including our DIY solar kits), you need appliances that run on DC current. We offer several types of appliances that can run on batteries charged by solar energy, including: chest freezers, air conditioners, wash machines, water pumps, fans, chargers, and more.


A DC chest freezer will keep your foods nice and cool.


Keep foods refrigerated in your cabin with a solar-powered fridge.

solar-powered washing machine

Solar-powered washing machines make life easier.


To purchase products from Belmont Solar, visit our eBay online store or give us a call at (717) 768-7796.