PA Barn Solar Installation

White Horse PA Barn Solar Installation

Do you have a barn or multiple barns on your property? Have you ever thought about installing solar panels on your barn roof(s) to offset the cost of electricity for your property? Well, in Lancaster and Chester Counties in Pennsylvania barns are pretty common and Belmont has done lots of solar installations for barns over the years!

Leveraging the roof surface area on a barn is a great way to make an even better use of your storage building. You can install solar panels on chicken house roofs and garage roofs too. Traditionally, people think of solar panels going on the roof of a home but as it turns out barns and garages can be excellent places to install solar panels too

PA Barn Solar Installation

We got to install this decently sized solar system on a beautiful barn roof that belongs to a local construction company. So, not only is it a great example of a barn solar system, but it’s also a great example of a commercial solar application. As you can imagine with any construction company, they use a lot of power to run their business. As a commercial construction company, installing solar panels like this will significantly reduce their monthly electricity bills and that will increase their profitability over the years. 

PA Commercial Barn Solar System Specifications

Let’s talk about the barn solar system specifications. This is an 18.48 kilowatt solar installation. It is comprised of 42 solar panels made by Axitec. It has 2 SolarEdge Inverters and because it is a grid-tied solar barn installation this customer will be generating solar renewable energy credits every year and will be able to collect revenue from each SREC that their system generates. 

Installing The PA Barn Solar System In White Horse 

Check out these really great solar installation shots. Here you can see some of the Tough Trac mounting systems from Belmont Solar. Now in these images, the wires have not been tucked into the Tough Trac protective wire channels yet. Before the installation is finished all those loose wires will be safely tucked away and protected from the elements. Belmont Solar’s Tough Trac solar panel mounting system provides superior wire management and protection which decreases the solar panel maintenance over the life of the system which is a huge plus. 

Find Out How Much Barn Solar Panels Could Cost You

Are you curious about how much barn solar panels in PA could cost you? Head over to our solar panel cost calculator to see how much barn-mounted solar panels would cost. All you have to do is choose the amount that your monthly electricity bills usually cost and we calculate the rest and our calculator will show you how much you could save with PA solar tax credit and how much you could generate in revenue on solar renewable energy credits. Check it out now to find out how much you could be saving! 

Are You Interested In Solar Panels For Your Barn?

Do you have barn roof space that you’re not taking advantage of? Contact Belmont Solar today to find out if your barn roof is right for solar panels. You might be able to benefit greatly from solar on your barn roof! We specially design every solar installation to meet the specific needs of our customers, we are ready to help you go solar on your barn or garage today.