Gordonville PA Solar Installations

Hometown Solar Installations For Gordonville PA 

Belmont Solar has more than 20 years of solar experience. Based in Gordonville Pennsylvania, we install solar panel systems for PA residents that live in our service areas. We specialize in grid-tied solar panel installations, grid-tied solar with battery backup, and off-grid solar configurations for different purposes. The solar systems in this blog are especially exciting to us because they are hometown solar arrays, solar installations we had the pleasure of completing in Gordonville. 

Gordonville PA Solar Install Overviews

Enjoy these overviews of the solar installations we’ve been able to do in Gordonville recently. Every solar array that we install we approach with the same important company principles. The acronym is PEN. Pen at Belmont Solar stands for performance, education, and neatness

Our focus is to design and install solar systems that will perform correctly for our customers. We take time to educate our customers on using the available technology to monitor their solar panel’s performance so that they know how their system is working for them. Neatness references our attention to detail during installation and our commitment to installing systems that appear neat and orderly. In the following sections, you will see how seriously we take our job and how hard we work to satisfy our customers! 

11.02 Kilowatt Solar Panel Installation In Gordonville

This is a straightforward solar installation consisting of 29 Silfab 370W solar panels. A perfect example of our value of neatness, you can see the crisp installation and how beautiful the panels look on the roof. This system is 11.02 kilowatts meaning that it will produce 11,000-kilowatt hours per year and is offsetting the customer’s monthly energy bills by 50%. Although this system is only accounting for roughly 50% of their electricity costs they will also be getting money for all 11 of the PA SRECs that are produced. This will further offset the cost of electricity throughout the year. 

Solar Installation Specs:

12.54 Kilowatt Solar Installation In Gordonville 

This installation is cool to see from the drone shots because it is more of an unconventional layout of solar panels. For this home, our designers worked around the existing roof vents and irregular roof shapes and were still able to configure a system with 33 Silfab 380W solar panels. 

This installation required 1 SolarEdge 10kW inverter. It is a 12.54 kW (kilowatt) solar system that is projected to create 14,000 kilowatt hours each year. Taking into consideration that the customer’s PPL evaluation reported 9,000-kilowatt hours of electricity use in all of 2021, this system is providing 150% offset on their electricity costs. That means this system will provide as much as one and a half times the power the homeowner will need throughout the year. The extra power will be used immediately by their neighbors. This solar panel installation will also produce 14 SRECs per year for the homeowner. That means they will be able to make money off of their solar installation on top of completely eliminating their monthly electricity bills.

Solar Installation Specs:

13.69 Kilowatt Solar Array In Grodonville PA 

Here is another cool example of a Gordonville solar installation! You can see for this system we utilized multiple roof surfaces to maximize the number of solar panels we could include in this installation. This is a solar installation comprised of 37 Silfab 370watt solar panels. This system is providing a 100% offset to their monthly electricity costs. That means based on their 2021 total energy usage, this system was designed to produce that much power throughout the year.

It is rated to produce 16,000-kilowatt hours per year with 3% shading anticipated. That means that even with 3% shading from the path of the sun over the roof the system will still provide all the power this family needs. Their system will produce 16 PA SRECs per year that they will be able to get credit for throughout the year further compounding the financial benefits of their system.

Solar Installation Specs:

10.36 Kilowatt Gordonville Solar Installation 

For this grid-tied solar system, we used sections of the garage roof and the main house roof to install their 28 solar panels. These Silfab panels are also 370watt panels and the total system size is 10.36kW. The homeowners chose a system design large enough to offset 110% of their energy usage. Their system is rated to produce 12,000-kilowatt hours over the course of the year which will yield 12 SRECs that they will be able to get money for from the PA SREC market.

Solar Installation Specs:

Do You Want To Go Solar In PA?

If you happen to live in Gordonville, PA, or in any of our service areas we would love to help you make the switch to solar. It can be overwhelming to imagine changing over to solar power but Belmont Solar is equipped and ready to help you with all the steps. 

We will handle the evaluation of your home’s roof and property to determine whether or not solar would be a viable option for you. Assuming that solar panels would be a good decision for you, we will specially design a solar system to meet your specific goals. Once the design is finalized we will handle all the local permitting required before installing your solar panels. After everything is in place our experienced installers will set a date with you to install your solar system and switch you over to generating your own power out of thin air! 

Being free from your monthly electricity bills could be right around the corner for you and your family. The reality of your ability to save thousands of dollars on electricity over the next 20 to 30 years is yours for the taking. Just contact us today to begin the process of getting your own system like these Gordonville PA solar installations