Solar Panels For PA Homes

Solar Panels For PA Homes: Your Complete Guide

Are you tired of paying your monthly electricity bill? Have you heard how solar panels for PA homes are changing that for more and more people every year? Do you know someone who has gone solar and has effectively eliminated their monthly energy bills? Are you ready to find out if solar panels for your PA home are the right move?

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Belmont Solar has been installing solar panels for PA homes for more than 20 years. We help homeowners just like you come up with an individualized solar system design that will reduce or eliminate their electricity bills. We can help you get rid of your unpredictable monthly energy bills and free yourself from dependence on the power company. 

What Types Of Solar Panels For PA Homes Can You Get?

Ok, so you are interested in going solar and reducing or potentially eliminating your monthly energy bills completely but you need to know what types of solar panels for PA homes are available? Well, let’s break it down and figure out what type of solar panel system is best for you! There are three major solar systems for you to consider and each one really fits a different application. Let’s take a closer look at all 3 and go from there.

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Grid Tied Solar Panels For PA Homes

Grid tied solar panels for PA homes are probably the most common and popular solar panel installation option we see at Belmont Solar. Grid tied solar systems are connected to your local power company. During the day your solar panels generate power that you use as electricity instead of drawing power from the grid. Any extra power your grid tied solar system generates goes to the power grid and is utilized by your neighbors.

Because of net metering, the extra power your solar system generates during the day will offset any power you draw from the grid at night when your solar panels aren’t producing. This is how people are virtually eliminating their energy bills even though at night, with a grid tied solar system, you will still be using electricity from the grid.

Grid Tied Solar Panels For PA Homes With Battery Backup

Grid-tied solar panels for PA homes that are equipped with a solar battery bank function a little bit differently than grid tied solar panels without battery backup. When your panels produce extra power during the day that you aren’t using that extra power is stored in your backup solar battery bank instead of going back out to the grid. What this means is that at night when you use electricity you are drawing power from your solar batteries instead of using electricity from the grid. 

There are 2 important things to note about grid-tied solar panels with battery backup. The first important thing to know is that the solar battery bank does significantly increase the initial cost of your solar system, often by about $20,000. So, it is for sure an investment but it secures your emergency power when you need it most. And that brings up the second important point about solar battery backup. A solar system with battery backup guarantees that you will have the power you need to run your critical loads during an emergency even if the power grid goes down.

Solar battery backup is not for everyone but if you need power no matter what and want to guarantee you will have it in emergencies then choosing to go with a grid-tied solar panel system with battery backup is your best option.

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Off-Grid Solar Panels For PA Homes

Off grid solar panels for PA homes are a bit of a different animal. What you need to understand about off grid solar systems is that they are not designed to really allow you to live the typical “21st-century lifestyle” and be off grid at the same time. The idea of “going off the grid” is an increasingly popular notion but it requires very intentional living and is not for everyone. Often people who live off the grid take advantage of special appliances that are designed for that kind of living. But there is more than one application for off grid solar panels and they may have a place in your life even if you are not ready to titrate down your lifestyle drastically. 

Off grid solar panels are great for powering remotely located cabins or utility buildings. A lot of people utilize off grid solar panels for these reasons or to power areas of their farms that are not easily reached by your regular electricity source. 

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How Much Do Solar Panels For PA Homes Cost?

Everybody wants to know how much solar panels for PA homes cost? Well, the average cost for solar panels for a PA home is between $17,000 and $40,000. This amount would include everything from the cost of solar system design, solar materials, and solar panel system installation. 

Now, there are a number of important factors that play into how much solar panels for PA homes cost and you should be aware of them. The first important factor is what your monthly electricity bills are. Depending on how much you spend on electricity per month you will need a larger or smaller solar panel system. Another factor is whether or not you want solar battery backup. If you choose to go with solar batteries then the cost of your system may literally double. Solar power with battery backup is incredible security for emergencies but it is not for everyone. 

If you want to get a good idea right now of how much solar panels for your PA home would cost then just check out our solar panel cost calculator. You can get a very accurate estimate of what solar panels would cost you today! You can also see how long it will take you to pay off your system, how much of a discount you will get with the PA solar tax credit, how much you could potentially earn with PA SRECs with your system and more information. 

Can You Make Money With Your Solar Panels For PA Homes?

Yes, you can make money with your solar panels for PA homes in the right situations. If you have a grid tied solar panel installation without battery backup then you can actually generate some extra income by making your solar investment work for you based on how much power your solar system is producing. 

Every time your solar panels produce 1,000 kilowatt-hours of power you are credited as having produced one solar renewable energy credit. Every solar renewable energy credit your system produces over the course of a year can be sold on the SREC market. By selling your PA SRECs you can actually make money by having solar panels for your home in PA. 

Ready To Learn More About Solar Panels For PA Homes?

If you are ready to learn even more about solar panels for PA homes then check out our solar learning center. Belmont Solar is so passionate about seeing more people be able to create power out of thin air that we have an entire solar resource center for you where you can watch videos and read information about Pennsylvania solar. 

You can also check out our PA solar blog where you will find solar system installation stories, informational articles about solar renewable energy credits, different types of solar panels, and much more. The solar blog is a great place to dive deeper into the possibilities of solar. 

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Are Solar Panels For PA Homes Dangerous?

Have you heard that solar panels can be dangerous? There are a number of common questions about whether or not solar panels are dangerous. We took some time to provide you with honest answers to 10 of the most frequently asked questions like “Can solar panels cause electrocution?”, “Will solar panels damage my roof?”, “Do solar panels cause cancer?”, “Do solar panels give off radiation?”, and more. Check out our page called “Are Solar Panels Dangerous?” and see for yourself! 

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