Home Battery Backup Price

If you have read our Home Battery Backup blog, you know we need to analyze your home and usage patterns to get the correct battery. Home batteries aren’t a one-size-fits-all solution. Every home is different, and every household’s energy needs are different. We have designed three scenarios: 8-hour coverage, 24-hour coverage, and 48-hour coverage, which you can use as a rough pricing guide while making your decision. Of course, there are some installation questions we need to know to create an exact price estimate, like where to place the battery in your home, wiring prices, and wire routing.

We analyze the best solution for your needs and the investment you are comfortable making.

Battery Size (depends on your energy consumption)Price (rough estimates, not an exact price quote)
8 Hour Coverage$14,000
24 Hour Coverage$19,000
48 Hour Coverage$29,000

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Call us at 717-768-7796 or contact us on our website, and our power consultants will help you find a good working and economically balanced power solution. Please note that the pricing in this blog is for home battery backup only. We always recommend installing a solar system to become more energy-independent. You can use our solar calculator to price a solar system with battery backup.

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