The National Solar Tour

What Is The National Solar Tour?

The ASES’ National Solar Tour is a nationwide celebration of solar power, sustainable living, and renewable energy. To date, it is the largest nationally participated in event that draws attention to these crucial innovative ventures. D.C. and Puerto Rico also participate in the ASES National Solar Tour. 

Taking place across the country and in Puerto Rico and D.C., the National Solar Tour allows schools, businesses, and homeowners to showcase their renewable energy solutions. Participants have the unique opportunity to tour multiple solar installations and other renewable energy systems in their area. The American Solar Energy Society organizes these opportunities so that interested parties can discover what tour opportunities are available to them. 

The Solar Tour allows you to observe, feel, and experience real solar installations and hear the thoughts and opinions of homeowners and business owners that have invested in solar. You can hear their stories about making the decision to go solar and what it was like during the design, installation, and implementation of their solar systems. 

What Is ASES?

ASES stands for American Solar Energy Society. ASES was founded in 1954 and is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that champions a future of 100% renewable energy and values sustainable living for all. They exist to see progress made in the battle to bring renewable energy to more and more people in the United States and around the world. ASES is the American branch of ISES (International Solar Energy Society). The American Solar Energy Society pursues the dream of solar and renewable energy for all through the sharing of events and resources that will create collaborative relationships around achieving sustainable living for all. 

Belmont Solar Participates In The National Solar Tour 

Belmont Solar proudly joins thousands across the country for the National Solar Tour. What is the national solar tour? It is a special day celebrated nationwide where families and individuals and businesses open their doors to allow others to see up close what their solar installations look like

As a proud participant, Belmont Solar invites YOU to begin your Lancaster PA 2022 National Solar Tour with us. As an established and seasoned Pennsylvania Amish Solar Installer, Belmont Solar’s shop is the perfect place to learn important solar details before you visit solar systems already installed on roofs. 

On October 1st, our doors will be open to all National Solar Tour participants in and around Lancaster County Pennsylvania. We invite you to begin your tour with us and gain a comprehensive understanding of solar panel systems and how they serve their owners. When you begin your tour with us or make us a notable stop during your tour we will answer your solar questions and provide educational materials that will help you to better understand the exciting realities of going solar! 

Plan Your Visit On The National Solar Tour At Belmont Solar 

Visit our page on ASES’ website to plan your tour stop at Belmont Solar. Belmont Solar provides a real-life example of a solar-powered business. You can meet with founder and owner Ben Zook who will happily answer your questions from a professional solar perspective as well as from a business owner who experiences the rich benefits of solar power. 

At our location, you can view 3 different operating solar systems, 3 level 2 EV chargers, and a number of energy-saving designs. We will be ready with coffee and refreshments as well as a wealth of solar knowledge that will set you up to better appreciate your later stops on your solar tour. 

We are located in rural Gordonville, Pennsylvania in the heart of Amish country in Lancaster County. We are near Intercourse, PA between routes 30 and 340. 

Belmont Solar 
3376 Harvest Dr, Gordonville, PA 17529

West Chester University: Another Worthy Solar Tour Stop 

West Chester University is another notable stop to consider on your Pennsylvania National Solar Tour. West Chester University has invested in and implemented a geo-exchange heating and cooling system. Their system is quite impressive. Now responsible for heating and cooling over 50% of their north campus which represents 3 million square feet of building space. This robust system consists of over 800 wells in 6 bore fields, miles of piping, dozens of heat exchangers, and a cooling tower, and this system offers WCU both district and building-specific systems. 

Their impressive geo-exchange system is energy-efficient and low-carbon. Components of the system date back to 2006 but also include multiple expansions as recent as 2021 when the Sciences and Engineering Center was added to the district system. 

West Chester University 
700 S High St, West Chester, PA 19383

Who Is The National Solar Tour For In PA?

The National Solar Tour is for anyone who is interested in or passionate about solar energy systems and renewable, green energy solutions for everyday life. If you have been wondering about solar panel systems and whether or not they could be a viable solution to your energy consumption you can have your questions answered at Belmont Solar

We are passionate about helping anyone and everyone create their own power out of thin air! You could be one decision away from eliminating your monthly electricity bills and saving thousands of dollars with a properly designed solar installation. 

When you make Belmont Solar a part of your Pennsylvania Solar Tour you will be able to see our solar systems, learn how we utilize the sun’s energy to power our business, and discover how solar energy could benefit you and your family or business. We’re ready to answer your questions, enjoy coffee and refreshments with you, and help make the world a little bit better, one solar system at a time. Come join us on October 1st and see for yourself what solar could do for you

You might be surprised to learn how many of your neighbors use solar energy. We have put together a map of solar system installations that we have had the honor of installing for people in Pennsylvania over the last several years. You can view our solar installations map to see just how many solar systems from Belmont Solar are in and around Lancaster County! Joining the National Solar Tour in PA this year may be exactly what you need to help you make the decision to go solar. You can contact us today with any questions related to the solar tour at Belmont Solar as well, we would love to know that you’re planning on joining us!