Off-Grid Solar Power Center Basics

How does an off-grid solar panel system actually collect and store power for you to use? Off-Grid Solar Systems allow you to live completely disconnected from the utility grid. In this video, Ben Zook of Belmont Solar describes a recent install of an Off-Grid Solar Power System and the basics of its power center.

Off-Grid Solar Power Center

Off-Grid Solar Power Centers are not for everyone but for the right people, who are ready to make those intentional living choices, they’re perfect. Belmont Solar custom designs each solar panel system installation, we can help you think through your energy needs and design a system just right for you.

You can check out our Solar Energy Learning Center for all kinds of information about solar power or go to our Off-Grid Solar System page to learn more about off-grid solar.

Are You Ready For An Off-Grid Solar Power Center?

It’s one thing to get some solar panels installed on the roof of your home to offset or eliminate the cost of your electricity bill (and lots of people are doing that which is wonderful), but it’s a whole different decision to switch to an off-grid solar system.

The thing people need to understand and consider about switching to an off-grid system is that it requires a different type of lifestyle. People switching to off-grid solar have to become much more intentional about their energy consumption. They have to choose what to do when throughout their day. If a storm arises and they have to rely solely on their solar batteries they have to choose which critical systems in their house to use and what to ignore until the storm passes and there is enough sunlight to create power again.