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Solar energy has been booming in popularity in recent years—and with good reason. Solar-powered electrical systems can reduce your monthly energy costs, lower your impact on the environment, and even provide electricity to areas that utility companies may not serve. Offering grid-tie, grid-tie with backup, and off-grid solar systems, Belmont Solar is the best choice if you are looking for a solar installer in Mechanicsburg or the rest of Cumberland County.

Using a solar power system to harness the sun’s energy for your home is now simpler, more efficient, and more economical than ever before. Belmont Solar stands out as a leader in the solar industry, combining Amish craftsmanship and extensive technical expertise in every solar installation project in Mechanicsburg. In many instances, transitioning to solar energy can significantly reduce or even completely eliminate your monthly electricity bills.

Discover how much it would cost to install a solar panel system large enough to cover your electricity expenses by using our solar panel cost calculator. Simply select the amount that approximates your monthly electricity bill, and our calculator will handle the rest for you. While the results are estimates and not official quotes, they provide a realistic idea of what a complete solar panel system installation might cost in Mechanicsburg.

We provide an easy customer experience that will save the headaches that other solar companies may provide. We research each town and municipality’s unique laws and regulations so that your home’s solar electrical system will be in compliance. We make it easy for you to enjoy the many benefits of solar power!

We offer a straightforward customer experience designed to eliminate the complications often associated with other solar providers. By researching the specific laws and regulations of each town and municipality, we ensure your home’s solar electrical system complies with local requirements. Our approach makes it easy for you to reap the numerous benefits of solar power!


As a solar installer in Mechanicsburg PA, we offer a few different options for solar systems at Belmont Solar:

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How To Go Solar In Mechanicsburg PA

We have tailored our process to make solar installations in Mechanicsburg exceptionally straightforward. Belmont Solar handles all the complex or confusing aspects, allowing you to simply review and approve the job proposal, make your down payment, and then watch as we install your solar panel system. All that’s left for you to do is sit back and enjoy as your solar panels effortlessly generate power.

Submit a contact form or complete the solar cost calculator form. Once you submit a form with your information, one of our solar consultants will reach out to discuss your needs and goals. We will help you determine which system will work best for you and your location. We will help you determine what type of system will be best for you and custom design your solar installation.

Within a day of talking over the phone, we will send you a link to an online proposal detailing the specifics of the project, including a cost breakdown and tentative schedule. One of our solar consultants will reach out to talk about your goals for your Mechanicsburg Solar System. After an electronic signature and down payment, the project will be ready for us to get started!

We work with local officials to ensure all the applications and permits are filed and completed correctly. Our team will then come out to your home to complete the installation and make the necessary connections to your home. Once everything is installed and connected, our team will ensure that power is being generated for your home.

Why Choose Belmont Solar As Your Solar Installer In Mechanicsburg?

If you’re a homeowner looking for the best solar company in Cumberland County, look no further. Belmont Solar brings years’ worth of knowledge and cutting-edge technology to each of its projects. Our customer service team will be straightforward and will work with you throughout the entire process so you can rest assured you will receive the best solar system for your home. Ready to get started? Give us a call at 717-768-7796, or fill out a contact form for your free consultation.

Solar Panel Cost For Mechanicsburg

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Solar Installations From Belmont Solar

Our solar energy company in PA can expertly install solar panels on the ground or your roof.

Solar Panel FAQ

The lifespan of a home solar system varies depending on multiple factors, but it typically ranges from 25 to 30 years. Most manufacturers guarantee that the panels will retain at least 90% of their efficiency up to 25 years.

While solar panels primarily use sunlight for energy, they can also convert both diffuse and indirect sunlight into electricity. This means that solar panels can still generate power on cloudy or snowy days, though their efficiency is typically lower compared to clear, sunny days.

  • Renewable energy choice: Solar power is a sustainable option due to the abundant and inexhaustible nature of sunlight.
  • Reduction in energy costs: Generating your own electricity can result in substantial monthly savings on your utility bills.
  • Environmental benefits: Solar energy production has a minimal environmental impact, as it emits no greenhouse gases.
  • Longevity: Properly maintained solar panels can last for many years.
  • Increased property value: Homes equipped with solar panels typically see a 4.1% rise in property value.

When a solar panel system generates more electricity than needed, the surplus can be fed back into the electrical grid. Known as net metering or a feed-in tariff, depending on the location, this excess electricity accrues credits for your account, potentially lowering future electricity costs.

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