Lititz PA Amish Solar Installer Workmanship to Friendship

Are you looking for a trusted Lititz PA Amish solar installer? For more than 20 years Belmont Solar has been serving Lititz Pennsylvania and the surrounding areas by installing solar panel systems. Belmont was started by solar enthusiast Ben Zook. Belmont Solar values performance, education, and neatness. We make sure that your solar panels perform for you and meet your needs, we educate you on the benefits and functions of your system, and we install a neat and orderly system that will last for many years.

Ben Zook grew up in the Amish community not far from Lititz Pennsylvania. From a young age, he was fascinated by the possibilities of solar and creating power out of thin air. He pursued his curiosity which quickly developed into a passion that became a thriving solar installation company. Now, Belmont Solar, led by Ben Zook, is helping people all over Lancaster County discover the wonders of solar power systems.

How Much Do Solar Panels Cost In Lititz Pennsylvania?

If you’re interested enough in the possibilities of solar power and you’re ready to get a realistic idea of how much a full solar system installation would cost you then you need to check out our solar cost calculator. Belmont’s solar calculator is not a final price quote but it will give you a very realistic idea of what a solar system would cost you based on your monthly energy bills. It will even give you the cost with and without battery backup!

One problem with a solar system design that people sometimes run into is roof square footage. If your energy bills exceed $300 per month and you live in an average-sized home then you may not have enough square footage of roof space to fit enough solar panels. This is not always the case of course but if your roof space is limited and your energy consumption is high you will either need to adjust your energy consumption habits or consider alternative solar panel installation options. Belmont Solar can help you make those determinations and design a solar system to meet your needs.

Grid Tie Solar Installer In Lititz PA

Grid tie solar systems are a great way to reduce or eliminate your electricity bills every month. If you’re looking for an Amish grid tie solar installer for Lititz Pennsylvania then look no further than Belmont Solar. We specialize in grid tie solar design and installation. If you’re ready to find out what it would take to eliminate your monthly electricity costs just check out our solar cost calculator or contact us directly. We would be happy to talk to you more about the many benefits of going solar.

Grid Tie With Battery Backup Solar Installer In Lititz PA

Grid tied solar with battery backup can be a great option for the right person or family. Imagine experiencing a power outage in the middle of a violent storm (let’s be honest, Lititz PA experiences some nasty storms) and knowing that your battery bank filled with solar energy will run all of your critical loads without a problem. No generator needed, no waiting hours or even days for power to be restored. That is the peace of mind and security that solar with battery backup offers for Lititz, Lancaster County, and other parts of Pennsylvania. 

The cost of a battery backup solar panel system is what sometimes gets in the way of people choosing grid tie solar with battery backup. Putting the cost factor of battery backup aside, it can be a really wonderful choice. The supreme value of battery backup is that it ensures you will have what you need in an unforeseen crisis in the form of emergency power for the most important things in your home, often called your critical loads.

Critical loads are limited to things like your lights, cell phone chargers, wifi router, refrigerator, freezer, TV, well pump, radio, and a newer high-efficiency mini-split heat pump. Solar battery banks are not designed for you to live your normal 21st-century lifestyle during an emergency power outage but rather to power the essential things you need to get through a crisis.

Off Grid Solar Installer For Lititz PA 

Do you want to get off the grid completely with solar or do you have a specific power need that can be taken care of with an off grid solar installation? Belmont Solar is ready to help you out with any off grid solar installations in the Lititz PA area. Off grid solar can help you become independent from the electrical companies or it can allow you to enjoy some power to a hunting cabin or other remotely located building that cannot be reached by the power grid. Owner and founder of Belmont Solar, Ben Zook, specializes in off grid solar designs and is always ready to help someone create a solution to their problem. Contact us today if you’re ready to speak to a Lititz area solar installer about off grid solar.

Solar Energy Resources For Lititz PA 

Are you looking for solar resources in the Lititz PA area? Maybe you’re wondering how people are reducing and eliminating their monthly energy bills by going solar? Maybe you know someone who has solar panels and you’re curious about your options? Well, Belmont Solar is here to help you find the answers to your questions with our Solar Learning Center! Check it out for yourself and explore the resources, videos, and information we have compiled to help you answer your solar questions.

Belmont Solar cares a great deal about the needs of people and caring for the environment. Ben Zook came up with an acronym that represents these values for Belmont: P.E.N. which stands for Performance, Education, and Neatness. These three values are so important to Ben and to Belmont Solar. Education being one of them, the Solar Learning Center was a natural creation that Belmont wanted to offer to serve interested people. 

Going Solar In Lititz Pennsylvania

As technology advances more and more people are choosing to go solar. Going solar may mean installing a small or large off grid solar system to power a remote outbuilding or taking your home off the power grid, it may look like installing solar panels on your Lititz area home to reduce your monthly electricity costs, or it may look like investing in a grid tie with battery backup system that ensures you will never have to rely on the power grid or generators during an unforeseen emergency. Whatever going solar in Lititz Pennsylvania means for you and your family, you won’t regret an investment that will provide reliable power for your family and benefits for the environment.

We know for certain that solar has come a long way in the last 10 years. The ability to utilize the sun’s rays that naturally occur every single day is something that is not going away. The question to ask yourself is are you ready to go solar and create your own power out of thin air?

Belmont Solar can help you plan your transition to solar in Lititz PA. We can custom design a solar panel system that will meet your needs. We have a special 3 step process that will take you all the way through the going solar process. You can utilize the solar cost calculator and submit a quote request that way or you can fill out a quote request form and start a conversation with us. As one of the best Amish solar installers in Lititz PA, we’re here for you.