Introducing Tough Trac

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Where’s the Wire?

tough trac railAt Belmont Solar, we have been using Tough Trac as our preferred solar mounting solution for sloped roofs. We have used and loved it for years because of its affordability, durability, and quality engineering. Plus, Tough Trac’s integrated wire management system hides the system’s wiring unlike anything else.

Over the years, our appreciation and use of Tough Trac had grown to the point that it eventually became a natural fit to have a bigger involvement with the engineering, design, manufacturing, and distribution.

We are thrilled to announce that Belmont Solar has now acquired the Tough Trac operation. This means that we can provide the best possible solar products — at reduced cost — to our friends and neighbors.

To learn more about Tough Trac, visit the Tough Trac website. To learn how Tough Trac improves a solar installation on your home, contact Belmont Solar today.

Welcome to the solar team!

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Brands We Carry

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